Hot Wheels: TST Podcast #380 – Doug Demuro

Hot Wheels: TST Podcast #380 – Doug Demuro

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: TST Podcast #380 – Doug Demuro


If you like cars and have an internet connection, you’ve probably heard of Doug Demuro.He came to prominence by writing hilarious articles about the (now gone) unlimited warranties sold at CarMax. He has one of the biggest YouTube channels in the automotive space, focusing on showing people the details of cars new and old.

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29 Replies to “Hot Wheels: TST Podcast #380 – Doug Demuro”

  1. 1:41:30 i was super happy someone asked about this, since when i watched that video i was like damn what's the big deal about this evo with "only" 650whp when matt's driven much more powerful cars

  2. I was in San Francisco 2 weeks ago and it looked like a 3rd world country with all the homeless everywhere. California has fantastic weather, that's a about it.

  3. Matts pitching about people being assholes to him, He acts like a douche. No wonder he gets a lot of hate. Dog on the other hand is cool as hell and probably has not had one comment ever said to him and anger. Matt gets multiple video, at least for me

  4. You're fucking insane dude that ad was like an hour long I hope you'll get the chance to watch your family die a slow and painful death. Good podcast though 🙂

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