Hot Wheels: TST Podcast #434 – Matt and Zack (Italy, Alfas, BMW Mustang)

Hot Wheels: TST Podcast #434 – Matt and Zack (Italy, Alfas, BMW Mustang)

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: TST Podcast #434 – Matt and Zack (Italy, Alfas, BMW Mustang)

Matt is back from his Italian honeymoon and has stories about cheeses, wine, Alfa rental cars, and cats that killed Caesar. Zack drove a GT500, a supercharged RAV4, and met the police. Then they talk about car news, the BMW Mustang, and answer lots of buyer questions.

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36 Replies to “Hot Wheels: TST Podcast #434 – Matt and Zack (Italy, Alfas, BMW Mustang)”

  1. For people wondering the SF90 is not the replacement for the 488. The F8 Tributo is. The SF90 is a new class of Ferrari. A new, higher level of V8 car somewhere around a TDF-level price. About the cost of a special edition front-mid-engine V12 car. Half a million bucks.

  2. Bro!!! My wife and I had some amazing pici in Tuscany also, we were hooked and longing for it ever since. But we were in Montepulciano. If you guys go back to the Tuscan region, I definitely recommend it.

  3. I own a Fiesta SE 1.0. They are mostly right about it not being amazing. But it has been a great car. It just badly needs a tune to undo the eco focused engine performance. The rev hang and throttle response is kind of bad.

  4. I was last year in italy and had some fun on a little road up in the hills of tuscany and two joggers came down the road and were cheering me on while I blasted by them with spinning tires. BEST COUNTRY EVER! Its truly gods race track.. food and nature and architecture is pretty awesome too.

  5. ooh i would love to see tom segura! i would love to just see some more comedians roll in! lol who am i kidding ill watch this podcast with or without a guest hahaha

  6. Regarding the red exclamation mark, that is (and has always been) the brake fault warning light. You'll also see it if that handbrake is on in many cars. How have you never seen that before, maybe it's different in US cars? Anyway, that car sounds like it was properly abused before you got it.

  7. little note on the graffiti (as a roman). it's not that we've gotten sick of rome, or that the graffiti is any kind of modern phenomenon. we were doing that shit in 753 BC. romans have literally always been tagging assholes. we have archeological pieces of graffiti from pre-christ saying "titus sucks cock" and "I fucked marcus's wife" along with political stuff like "cicero is a cuck" etc. i know its not pretty, but there's little more genuinely, authentically roman, than shitty graffiti.

  8. The videos reset to the same position every time because you're pressing the numpad 1 and 2 buttons to switch between scenes. Those keys (1-9) are also youtube shortcuts to bring you to 10-90% in the video.

  9. I think if manufacturers are going to make versions of their own cars that are factory modified to serve a different purpose, it only works if the modifications are as extreme as the original car's intent. Like, the extra bits need to be proportionally extra, if that makes sense. So I could definitely support a factory safari supercar, but it needs to be as "safari" as the regular version is "super". Anything less makes it seem like they're jumping in on a trend.

  10. Re: is a safari build cool if the manufacturer does it?

    If Lambo does a Safari Huracan? Cool.
    If Ford does a Safari Fiesta? Uncool as fuck, since that's an Ecosport.

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