Hot Wheels: Turbo 2008 Honda Fit – One Take

Hot Wheels: Turbo 2008 Honda Fit – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Turbo 2008 Honda Fit – One Take

The Honda fit is small, nimble, and engaging to drive. But it’s kinda slow. Fortunately the aftermarket is huge for these cars, and this one has a full suspension and turbocharger!

Check out Jason’s fit on WheelWell!

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  1. The 1st time I drove a 2008 Fit on a twisty rd, I had a smile on my face. Even stock, the GD chassis really impresses me as far as bang-for-buck. I can imagine a turbo would be a riot. The GE chassis is more refined, almost boringly so. I prefer the handling of the GD, but the interior and slightly larger body on the GE8 is almost worth the ho-hum driving experience. Almost…

  2. I love the Fit/Jazz I bought my one that's the same model as this for very little money and it's been my favorite car. I put wider lighter Buddy Club P1 wheels with Bridgestone RE003 tyres, lowered with Pedders Sports Ryder shocks and springs and a Ultra Racing strut bar and it handles like its on rails with no under steer or oversteer. The limitations for grip in this car on mountain roads are now my fear not the tyres. It's not a fast car in a straight line NA but that's not where these cars excel. The Jazz is also a great commuter with not too much road noise and a surprisingly good quality interior for the price. It's also immensely practical with the magic seats and I can never get over 7L/100km fuel consumption that's so awesome. Another thing that I love about the Jazz is the engine, it's very characterful smooth and loves to rev with single cam VTEC switching between 8 and 16 valve engine which gives it a real boost of power at 4600rpm up until the 6.5k redline.

  3. Ugh! It’s called the Jazz here in the UK, and is exclusively driven by coffin dodgers who should have had their license taken off them years ago. They are driven at 40mph everywhere irrespective of the speed limit, and if you are in a line of slow traffic you can guarantee one of these is at the front. Horrible cars

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