Indepth Car Review: 2015 new Nissan Juke Facelift test drive review – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: 2015 new Nissan Juke Facelift test drive review – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: 2015 new Nissan Juke Facelift test drive review – Autogefühl

2016 Juke Nismo RS REVIEW:

Welcome to the 2015 new Nissan Juke Facelift test drive review.

The new Nissan Juke is not an all-new Model, it is just a Facelift – because the Juke is only a couple of years old. Since 2010, it has been sold over 500.000 times in Europe, it is one of the most successful SUVs. The Juke is especially important for the brand, because four out of five customers are first time Nissan customers. So with this car, Nissan gets people tied to the brand.

So what have they refreshed in the Nissan Juke Facelift? First of all, there are new exterior and interior possibilities. More colours for an already colourful car. Overall, you can pick out of 300 combinations. This is possible, because you can for example also pick the colour of the mirrors and more.

A new engine is the 1.2 litre Turbo with 115 hp – a small petrol engine which sets signs for downsizing in Europe. In the US, you get the 1.6 litre turbo with 190 hp, that is the top version in Europe. Starting prices are about 19.000 US Dollars, 15.500 Euro in Germany and 13.400 Pounds in the UK.

The colour you can see here, is called Ink Blue. The contrasting white mirrors are fitting to the dynamic image – the Juke is a fun car and so it also makes a lot of fun just to play around with it.

The interior looks better now than in the pre-facelift model, a little bit more quality and also more combinations with highly polished surfaces.

The steering wheel looks great with the contrast stitches – and also feels high class. However, the rest of the interior still does look a bit like in a matchbox car.

Jumping to another colour, Force Red. The daring upper headlights are still the same, they include the turning indicators and the daytime running lamps. The center light was enlarged and there are new bi colour alloys.

The Nissan Safety Shield consists of a couple of cameras which are well hidden.

We were quite amazed by the new small turbo engine, for its little horse power output, we got along pretty well.

And about the interior – well just see for yourself. You can really put your individual combination here.

The dark interior is the rather conservative choice. The overview in controls is quite good, the gps also reacts fast. Still, the interior is not catching up to the other new Nissan models – but you also have to remember the low entry price.

The trunk was enlarged by 80 percent by the way, reaching about 350 litres of space.

So, open your mind and your glass roof for the new Nissan Juke. It remains a polarizing car, which had far more lovers than haters – now with even more colour.


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