Indepth Car Review: Alfa Giulia Veloce FULL REVIEW 2019 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Alfa Giulia Veloce FULL REVIEW 2019 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Alfa Giulia Veloce FULL REVIEW 2019 – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the Alfa Romeo Alfa Giulia Veloce. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience.

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20 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Alfa Giulia Veloce FULL REVIEW 2019 – Autogefühl”

  1. If you notice the position of the driver's seat relative to the side pillar, it looks like a much more difficult step in and out than what would be offered by a better-planned vehicle, ergonomically speaking. The lumbar support adjustment buttons are also clearly hard to reach from the driver's seat as the pillar is in the way. A shame for the first Alfa in decades to be released in North America, when it is positioned against the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C..just not the practical choice when considered among other prevalent flaws.

  2. Greetings Alfisti!. Thank you Thomas for an honest and thorough review in perfect English. I picked up my new Giulia Veloce yesterday after trading in my 2016 Giulietta QV – my 8th Alfa – and this is already my favourite car ever. To be honest every Alfa I've had has been my favourite car ever! For me the Giulia QV is over the top but the Veloce is a perfect combination of elegance and performance.
    It's still a driver's car with the low seat position – it's even lower than the Giulietta's and I have to wriggle a bit to get into my seat, but once in it feels great!
    It's my first car that uses Car Play – I've played around with it today and it integrates well with Siri. The standard audio sounds great to me, even after the Bose system in the Giulietta.
    Still being slightly over-cautious on the road as I don't want to scratch its Vulcano Black paint under its Williams Ceramic coating, and I look for a wide parking space so as not to damage the turbine alloys. Sweet! Love it!

  3. Having same car now for 1.5 years. Very happy with it (and no midlife crisis yet…). And now I learned at 6:56 there is a storage place left.. Time for me to look 1st time at the car manual….

  4. Hehe, Germans… 🙂 So precise and meticulous. Great video, very useful to hear German perspective on Alfa Giulia.
    Just one question, is normal Giulia . that comes without adaptive suspension always soft as Veloce is in Normal and All Weather, or always stiff as Veloce in Dynamic?

  5. Well about the shifting paddles, i find it funny how you say u might hurt ur hand. I mean who ever buys this car with paddles should be aware of it. Its like saying yes this car has very much horsepower but if u drive to fast u might have a bad accident ?!

  6. Strange how car reviewers let their own opinions and subjectivity cloud their views. For example the paddle shifters. It's generally acknowledged that having the paddles fixed is the ideal solution. He "prefers" them moving with the wheel. Let the prospective owner decide.

    Also, the comment about the light steering and "artificial" feel is one that I've not heard of before. Nearly all reviews have positive views on how wonderful the steering is and how it lets you know exactly what the front end is doing.

    In fact, the dynamics of the chassis are first class and superior to their competitors. The fuel consumption, ok a bit high for a diesel but that model was heavily optioned with the Q4 system making it a little heavier plus did he check the tyre pressures. Also, has the engine been run in or is it still tight? Besides, the petrol version would easily consume more when pushed.

    One thing that wasn't mentioned were the brakes which some reviewers complain about being too sensitive. Not a mention here, but apparently not being able to fit a large bottle or no touch screen is a negative. Once again subjective options.

    The Giulia isn't perfect, it's an Alfa Romeo, but at its heart is a brilliant driving experience that's meant to be enjoyed as confirmed by all the awards it has accumulated since its launch. Think it deserves to be successful.

  7. Diesel engine is not the best choice Thomas for veloce version… Also colour is not very sexy at all 😉 Blue Misano + light brown leather + 280 petrol engine is the perfect choice. Personally I have Giulia RWD 200hp a Titanium Imola colour with natural brown luxury leather seats. It looks amazing. 🙂 Best regards from Poland Thomas! P.S Do on have any polish connotations….? Your surname is polish Thomas 😉

  8. Good review Thomas as always.
    I do not, however, agree with your assessment on the steering feel. I test drove both the Audi A5 Sportback and the BMW 4 Grancoupe, and I think the steering feel on the Giulia is miles ahead of any of those cars. The Giulia's steering is more precise and has much more feedback making the car much sportier than any of the German competitors. Both the Audi and the BMW are nice, but a little bit too sterile and boring. I loved the Giulia so much that I actually ended up buying a Ti Sport, which is pretty much the equivalent of the Veloce in Europe. The steering on my car is not light and the car is not unstable or jerky by any means on highway speed. It seemed you have contradicted yourself on that point, because in one segment you were criticizing the steering feel but after you had a grin on your face when you described how much fun was to make slaloms with the car.
    Also I did not agree with the noise comment. My car is very quiet on the higway. It does have a nice exhaust growl under acceleration, which again to me just makes it more sporty and more emotional than the German sedans. Fair points on being slightly smaller and with less storage than Audi or the BMW, and I also agree with you that the entertainment system especially the factory navigation could be better. I do have Apple car play which I use instead of the factory navigation and it works great in my car. Anyway, nice review overall. Maybe you should do a side by side comparison with a BMW.

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