Indepth Car Review: All-new Audi A1 Sportback REVIEW premiere 2019 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: All-new Audi A1 Sportback REVIEW premiere 2019 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: All-new Audi A1 Sportback REVIEW premiere 2019 – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you a new car. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience.

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47 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: All-new Audi A1 Sportback REVIEW premiere 2019 – Autogefühl”

  1. At a premium price, the quality of the plastics used in the interior does become important for me. At this price range, it isn’t just about function anymore. Disappointed about that. Nice design though

  2. It´s funny how they take design from older Audi Quattro but not include the Quattro aka four wheel drive in this new car. S1 will get it but not the A1 😀 so why not just make this design on S1 and RS1(if they release RS1)? That would make them more unique that difference from the standard A model and that is exactly what people who pay extra for the S and RS models want!

    What DSG transmission will 200Hp car have? DSG7? Will it have the same "lag" as many other DSG7:s? When can we expect drive tests of this car?

  3. definetly much much better than the current A1 in all aspects.. Well done cant wait to get my hands on one when it comes out 🙂

  4. In contrast to the timeless, flawless design of the previous A1, Audi this time chooses to present a design full of random design languages, an absolute visual mess. The off-center, miss-aligned central console (screen, climate control) and the absolutely non-sense position of the volume control, complete the inconsistent and counter-intuitive design of the car. Huge disappointment.
    (an ex-Golf, Lupo, A4, A3, A1 owner-driver).

  5. It doesn't look bad….but it kinda looks like something Citren would design – Interior > Exterior
    You can also see the radiator behind the mass-rim honeycomb grill……which isn't classy

  6. Im willing to bet there will be an etron version coming in a couple years, it already has the back end without any exhausts and the design language is transitionin to futurist

  7. It’s the most beautiful small car out there – Audi make any car desirable through cracking design. Thomas does another great review. Can we pass a law that Thomas has to review every new product on the web!

  8. Strange about being able to pick and choose between exterior and interior trim. I wouldn't feel like my A3 S line was complete if it didn't have the perforated leather flat bottomed steering wheel and other S line extras like aluminium inlays and black roof lining.

  9. Being how much the pricing premium over the Polo i would expect a few more touches like gas struts on the bonnet rather than the "old rod" . This is no longer the nana audi.

  10. When will we see a test on the new Fiesta Active ? interested in this car and to see how good the saftey tech is – if the active cruise will work fully in town ? to a stop and re start – Mrs. M. desperate for a small car that does 🙂

  11. Those AC air vents directed towards the steering wheel will probably freeze the drivers fingers, it does not seem to be a very wise compromise for the sake of better symmetric visual perception.

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