Indepth Car Review: All-new Infiniti Q30 FULL REVIEW test driven Q30S 2.0t & Premium 2.2d – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: All-new Infiniti Q30 FULL REVIEW test driven Q30S 2.0t & Premium 2.2d – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: All-new Infiniti Q30 FULL REVIEW test driven Q30S 2.0t & Premium 2.2d – Autogefühl

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42 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: All-new Infiniti Q30 FULL REVIEW test driven Q30S 2.0t & Premium 2.2d – Autogefühl”

  1. Its predominantly rear wheel driven not front. The 1.5 engine is built by Renault / Nissan. The 2.0T petrol is built by Nissan for Mercedes & the 2.2 diesel is built by Mercedes for Nissan.

  2. I bought it. The 2.0t petrol. It is sublime. The E mode is so smooth and comfortable, the S mode very energetic. E mode you can still press on and rev up. S mode is a real pleasure on the highway but too much high rpm at low speed. I really like this car.

  3. Thanks to you, Thomas, I have just gone out and bought an Infiniti here in Scotland. I love the silent luxury which cocoons you. And the 1.5dCi from Renault has plenty of punch. The whole thing is many grades above the A-class. So, Infiniti: the upmarket Mercedes.

  4. I just came back from a visit to the Infiniti showroom in Dubai. I test-drove the 2.0t premium. What a wonderful ride. So comfortable and powerful (in S mode) yet smooth (in E mode). Love the suspensions as I went over speed bumps. The Q30 feels and looks (inside) so different from other Infiniti models.

  5. Thank you for the excellent review. A question to Thomas: you tested both Infiniti Q30 and Volvo V40: which one has better noise isolation, especially when cruising at high speeds?

  6. Sag mal Thomas, vielleicht weißt du das (oder ein User hier :D):
    Ich finde den QX30S bzw, den 2.0T Motor für den QX30S hier gar nicht…kommt der noch oder gibts den nur für den Q30?

  7. My first look it appears similar to little Lexus NX. Very surprised it's more expensive than similar MB-A class! Surprised that you still have to insert key. I wish manufacturers would use a larger non-Turbo engines like Mazda offers. More and more engines now are Premium fuel required which is more expensive to own. (in US diesels are rare because fuel lis as expensive as Premium petrol and they always sound clackity-clack as if something is loose in the engine! ) How do you rate the dual clutch transmission vs other transmissions- regular and/or dual clutch? I wonder if you can get this serviced at a Mercedes dealership in a pinch! 3 color rims are great. I like the Infotainment display which is housed inside the dash not just stuck onto it. Does the car offer Apple CarPlay integration? Views of the GPS looks very confusing/inaccurate. Rear seats folding to create nearly flat floor is useful. A deeper head to head comparison of this with an A Class would be interesting, they should offer a Thomas' voice option for GPS! Interior styling is a little fancier than the usual stark German designs. All the new front,side,and rear warnings systems play havoc with my radar detector!

  8. Can you please list the differences between the concept version and the production version of the infiniti QX30?

    To me, it looks the same but feels different. I was drooling over the concept, but I lost the desire to own it when I saw the actual final version. I'm frustrated because I want to know why! What changed?! I really want to like this car…

  9. Is it just me…. a Benz looks Benz, but this Q30s looks a Mazda3, or a Corolla, or a i30…. i mean most of these Asian car manufacturers make small cars look too similar, and it's getting really boring…..

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