Indepth Car Review: all-new Peugeot 508 REVIEW premiere 2018 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: all-new Peugeot 508 REVIEW premiere 2018 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: all-new Peugeot 508 REVIEW premiere 2018 – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the all-new Peugeot 508. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines.

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46 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: all-new Peugeot 508 REVIEW premiere 2018 – Autogefühl”

  1. Just like with the Talisman, I love this new design. Just like with the Talisman, I actually love the back! And just like with the Talisman, I think the back looks better than the front because of the weird headlamp lines, like these saber teeth on this Peugot, which I find the most pity design feature of the entire car.

  2. Tx for the review. I am from generations of Peugeot owners. The front is nice retro chic but the back with diminished design… reminiscent of Opel Calibre. Not going to age well. Guess I will keep our current models until the next redesign.

  3. It's 2018 and Peugeot has billions of dollars in the bank yet they can't make a lag-free touchscreen? This stuff just blows my mind how incompetent people are.

  4. I like both the front and back as well as the lines. It reminds me of old Peugeots. And i like they put the 508 on the capot like the old 404, 504.

  5. I love how Germans find things that they dont like on non German cars, and preise the things that nobody likes on their cars so that they convince you that you should like it LOL

  6. I'm so sold on this…. and i only ever owned german cars… Thats A5's Cayennes, 4 Series etc. Only downside if i have to point out for me is probs from the b pillar backwards its slightly too saloon-y looking for me, i wish the roof lines were a bit more coupe/sportback like.

  7. After the 3008 this is the second Peugeot that looks stunning and really stepped up. And I like the
    I-cockpit, they find a way to be different from the the competitors.

  8. It really does have the character of a 1980s Citroen! Quirky, strange, cool and awkward all at once. More interesting than the bland model it replaces for sure. Though the outside is definitely more cohesive than the inside.

  9. I agree with most here. Really interesting design wise. They seem to have hit the mark here. Hopefully this also will translate in sales for them. I disagree with Brian about the back. I think it looks unique (not easy to do these days) and has a couple of interesting ideas.

    The interior looks interesting. I don't understand why glossy black is making a comeback. Didn't we already decide years ago that it was terrible? Or are there certain markets who do like it and are just so important that the manufacturers are aiming their design on it (the Chinese market for example)?

    I don't like the 'tablet approach' when integrating a screen into a car.

  10. Hopefully Peugeot does the SW right. Estate form has a potential to fix most of the problems with this car. This sedan/hatch version is really much more of VW Aeron competitior than Passat

  11. As an owner of the 2017 peugeot 508 2.0 Bluehdi i hope that the quality of the new 508 is better. Ok, it looks nice but when the quality is like in the older model the "First edition" is WAY TOO overpriced. What's Your opinion? For this Price you can get nice A4 b9 2.0 tfsi, giulia, or even stinger 2.0 T 🙂

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