Indepth Car Review: All-new Volvo V60 REVIEW 2019 – Geneva Motor Show 2018 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: All-new Volvo V60 REVIEW 2019 – Geneva Motor Show 2018 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: All-new Volvo V60 REVIEW 2019 – Geneva Motor Show 2018 – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the all-new Volvo V60. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines.

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47 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: All-new Volvo V60 REVIEW 2019 – Geneva Motor Show 2018 – Autogefühl”

  1. Yes Huw Williams has a good point, looking at the by-products caused by producing leather, ie methane, what some people are forgetting is that these cattle are bred for meat !! their skins are a by-product, which is used on hundreds of different items, in this case a car !! do you honestly believe if car manufactures made car seats without using leather, this would stop Methane being produced ? of course not, because most of us eat meat ! including most of the people complaining about this issue, the skins are not thrown away, but used to make car seats, shoes, etc etc, if you are so concerned about the use of leather, then become a veggie !! put your beliefs where your mouth is !! so to speak 🙂

  2. Very handsome and modern looking car. Unlike the Korean with curves and creases.
    This one certainly can withstand the test of time. Since the technology is already there, handling and build quality should be the next focus to win back the lost market share from the Germans.

  3. Good job as always, Thomas. Handsome car. I prefer the dashboard on the 60 cars to the 90 models – lighter look. Though you mentioned the increased leg room over the outgoing V60, it looked to me like the rear seat itself is a little short and also low in relation to the foot well, so your knees are high and thighs are off the seat surface anyway. Will have to try it out, but I imagine in that respect the rear seat of the V90 is more welcoming.

  4. Did you have a chance to find out real fuel consumption for twin engine (esp. T6 twin engine AWD)? Which motor is going to be used on a highway while cruising 100 or ~140 kph?

  5. This will replace my out going car next year! I thinking Momentum, Pine grey with Blonde seats w/city weave. Hopefully it doesnt cost as much as the XC60…XC40 is also a choice. Great review Thomas!

  6. volvo = commie car. The Commie regime imprisons people for religious beliefs. Political prisoners & re-education camps for the poor oppressed Tibetans & Uyghurs. They confiscate Korans & prayer mats. Spyware on cell, gps tracking, check points, armored patrols, discriminated, etc… What dont you get? Commies are vast HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS. They execute 5000 prisoners a year. Steal organs. Millions of migrant workers earning SLAVE WAGES because UNIONIZATION IS ILLEGAL. They steal plenty of foreign technology & copy it freely. What dont you get? ok, so now you know. Go buy that stupid car if you still want it. It's all blood money

  7. The main problem: It isnt really a bargain compared to the V90. If you order a stuffed V60 or V90 and compare the monthly costs its not even 10% difference. And who choses a V60 over a V90 when the saving is almost non existent?

  8. Oh, you don't like the "animal skin",,,right , the animal is already dead, so why not use the skin. Oh I forgot you're in Europe so you don't want to hurt the animal's feelings.

  9. My wife and I can't wait to hit Sweden in July to pick up her new 2018 V90 Cross County Ocean Race Edition.  The waiting is so agonizing . . . not to mention that it won't arrive back home in Los Angeles until October or November.  Hopefully, her 19-year-old Lexus can hold out until then . . .

  10. That whole car could fit in the boot of me old 940 estate. Having said that this is a good looking car and far, far better than the previous joke that was the first V60. This reminds me of the V70 II in size. I just wished they had made the rear glass more upright.

  11. If it was all about the design it would be the winner but interior practicality is on poor side. Yes, plenty of space but lack some convenience features will not make it a reasonable choice for a family with common sense.
    Door pockets are simply a joke…Volvo is so proud the xc40 functionality in this area…and then forgot what they did and made it useless one more time. Rear seat are not inclined..not even as an option. Subaru Outback and few others made it somehow. Two memory settings for front seats? Really ? I have 3 on my dated s40…..Lights are controlled by the levers at the steering wheel- the old Volvo set up was just much more convenient! The rear cup holders seem very fragile….it is likely children will brake them soon. Design is not everything….
    Volvo is no longer brand for people who aprreciate adventure and practical type of cars…pity.

  12. Dear Autogefühl-Team, dear Thomas, thank you so much for the Volvo V60 review their design language has infected me as well it's so gorgeous in my point of view. I really locking forward seeing the S60 and even more the new coming 40-Series.
    I don't dare but still be very curious have you seen the Polestar 1 as well? I suspect the fully electric Polestar 2 (a hatchback P1800ES alike, Thomas Ingenlath said that) and 3 (aerodynamic SUV silhouette) will be like the Volvo Concept Estate (No2) and Concept XC (No3), the Polestar 1 is pretty much like the Concept Coupe.
    Even if not, Tesla is normally my No.1 car brand but anyway Volvo is now and in future it will be closely beside on the car-side of my heart! ; )

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