Indepth Car Review: All-new Volvo XC90 T6 AWD offroad look FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: All-new Volvo XC90 T6 AWD offroad look FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: All-new Volvo XC90 T6 AWD offroad look FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 – Autogefühl

New XC90 T8 R-Design review:
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43 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: All-new Volvo XC90 T6 AWD offroad look FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 – Autogefühl”

  1. The stereo system is absolutely horrible. Sounds like a box, the shittiest system I've ever heard. Anyone claiming it's a good system is easily manipulated

  2. In the SQ7 review Thomas preferred the Audi adaptive cruise control if you had to steer. Is that still true, or are the Volvo and Mercedes cruise controls now better? Pity you can't have the Q7s handling with XC90s looks!

  3. hi thomas! im about to buy a this volvo xc90 r design d5, but i can get the mercedes GLE suv 250d 4matic exclusive plus at the same price… which would u recommend???

  4. Another great, real world review, thank you. Prior to ordering my new SUV I thought I would buy a hybrid but something you said in one of your reviews caused me to reconsider. You mentioned that when a hybrid vehicle runs on electric power alone the combustion engine is just redundant extra weight and vice versa. From what I have determined after watching your numerous hybrid reviews, most hybrid cars are really only cost effective at speeds below 50 mph. As I only travel 3000 miles a year now, 80% of which is at speeds of 50
    – 70 mph, I have concluded that a hybrid is not suitable for me. If I am correct in my conclusion you have saved me the extra cost of a hybid car and I am grateful.

  5. Please don't take this personal. You are a great car reviewer but you are not the owner. I have owned this vehicle for over a year and the infotainment unit performs very well and once you get used to it you go thru the easy uncomplicated menus as easily and quickly as you would your cell phone. I always thought the volume panel was an unnecessary after thought because the volume and track control is also on the steering wheel. But I love tech. Some people don't.

  6. This is almost a new car right? Why does the left side of the seat @ 7:53 look a bit worn already? Is this some chinese leather? (volvo is now a chinese company in case you didnt know) This is something that is normal in a Kia but in a €100k+ car its unacceptable.

  7. Thank you very much for this test! I have same opinions at all points as you.
    I'm an owner of old 2001 S80 with it's "male" steering settings, and I felt a big dissapointment in new XC90 crystal and airy steering at normal mode. They need to put 4th (sport) mode in it.

  8. One thing I cant understand and as I have ask the Volvo seller is …. How come they use that small Brakes it look like toys in this big rims … Compare to Audi they have 6 piston calipers in the front.
    I think the brake should be much better it Volvo use bigger calipers. It should be bigger at least in T6 and T8 is my opinion.

  9. Just wondering, this or the range rover? I know that you reviewed the SE in your review of the range rover, but here in the UK we don't get the SE or HSE and in the last two years they have really improved the little niggles in them that you mentioned (such as the squeaks etc) so they don't happen. And the base model here in the UK comes with a lot more equipment as standard than the SE (obviously) so I was just wanting to hear your views on that (apparently the base model here in the UK with one or two options is all the car you'll ever need after asking a few friends who have them). I do like the XC90 but I do prefer the RR, but there is of course a big price difference. I don't like the Cayenne or Audi Q7 and if Mercedes would improve everything about their dealers in the UK, then they would be a consideration.

  10. I'm only 15 minutes in, but had to stop to say I really dislike Audi / BMW / Mercedes interiors. They seem to have a love affair with that awful soft touch rubber paint that peels off everything after a VERY short time, it looks awful. I'd take the hard plastic buttons in this any day over that rubber rubbish.

    I'm going to watch the rest now, this is the first review of yours that I have watched and must say it's very good. Clear and informative, slow enough to follow. 🙂

  11. proper video and great way to discover cars and Thomas is very professional and accurate with almost all the points he makes to the car. I dont agree 100 percent with his points of view but over all is great.

    +looking at the videos at 50fps is really nice not that many people realises that.

  12. 9I do like Volvo cars and even own one (2011 s60) and I have to admit that they are pretty impressive but I wouldn't waste my money again on one and I will tell you why.first of all when you buy a car like this you look at the price and the what the competition can my case the s60 came as a solution for my bmw 3 the beginning I was thrilled because well…it was something else…bigger car, different design, front wheel traction because I really needed a car that behaves well on snow and Volvo's will not disappoint you on that but in time you will see some differences …huge ones even for example:Built quality, I don't know how the germans do it but u take a bmw audi Mercedes etc and once you are inside one you are blown away ..the steering wheel , seats, shifter dash board, everything is pure will not have the same fealing in a Volvo.LOOK CLOSE at the interiour of this XC90 and you will see the leather seats wich are gorgeous but when you look again you will see that the leather is already deformed.look at the 09.08 min and you will see…and I am sure that this car doesn't have more then 10.000 km on bord.imagine it at 50.000.I oftenly take my s60 drive it on country road (tarmac,gravel) because my work demands it and I get scared when I hear all of those small gravel smashing into my's like the car has no isolation at all..I never has this fealing on the bmw.There is the engine quality also wich to me is very important.My Volvo went to the garage for the alternator, turbo and now with the last oil change my mechanic found metal pouder on the gas filter..he told me that this a sign that one or more injectors are not working properly and I should expect roblems soon…I never has one problem with my bmw…it only went to the garage for regular maintainence.Finally I think that everyone should buy the car that they like the most and that they can afford but be carefull because u pay what you get!!!I wanted to get a XC60 because I need a bigger car now and I really like it but finally l will go for the bmwx3…..

  13. I really like Volvo, I hope they start doing better (economically) so they can keep up with the good work and no changes in the company structure.

    Again, excellent video. An average of 40 minutes per car is great, the closest you can get to see a car for real in the Internet is Autogefühl, no doubt.

  14. Currently a 2010 XC60 T6 R-Design owner, very happy with it so far except fuel economy in city driving. Can't wait to get the XC90 T8 R-Design. This XC90 looks really really good!

  15. I really like the autogefuhl channel and Thomas as a host ! you keep adding reviews on a very short time which is awesome ! much more then other car review sites do.

    I see some strange white horizontal line in the headrest of the car, what is that?

    I hope the engineers find a more powerfull diesel because the 225 hp is a little to less for the big car. I appreciate their choice for 2.0litre 4cylinders to help the envorinment but they will need to improve the power of their engines.

    Like they are now working on a 450hp 2litre petrol, (wit no help from an electric engine), they hopefully can get a 300hp diesel engine with 550-600Nm or maybe a diesel hybrid(but that they wont do I think)

    really looking forward to the new S90 !

  16. Lets hope that the future Volvos are as great as this one! The XC90 is definitely the best looking car in its class. But at the same time I miss the iconic 5cyl sound. Like some other commenter, I also subscribed your channel after seeing the documentary. Thank you!

  17. OMG bloody gorgeous car it has everything without any compromise that's why i consider it the best automobile ever made for 2015. However, it is much more beautiful when it comes with light colors for the interior that especially enhance beauty and creativity of design lines. As usual, thank you very much Thomas for your kind attention for this car with all episodes you made for it. Actually the beauty lies in both the cars you are reviewing and the way these cars get reviewed. Finally, I am very eager to see your comprehensive coverage for the new BMW 7 series in both versions, luxury and MSport.

  18. Volvo totally stepped up its game. I never thought of the XC as being in the same league as the Germans, but I'd prefer this new model over any of them. What Audi did to the Q7 has permanently damaged me. Not sure I'll ever recover, but Volvo is easing the pain considerably.

  19. Great review as always Thomas, quick question did you manage to go to the Renault Talisman launch and film a review? Very curious to,see your review on that car and whether or not,you think it finally has what it takes to be up there with the other premium manufactures like VW. Warm Regards From Austin Texas!

  20. I think it's official now, this is by far the best automotive channel. These reviews are simply the best. Thank you to Thomas and the Autogefühl team.
    About the XC90, I would buy this over the Merc and BMW no question. But over the Audi? I'm not sure. The quality and refinement of the Q7 is class leading. Also the manufacturers need to do better with the tailgate sensitivity. So far the Bentley Flying Spur is better. So you have to pay over 200,000 for a safe tailgate? The manufacturers need to start watching these reviews. Perhaps we should send them the links.

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