Indepth Car Review: BMW i3 FULL REVIEW range Facelift 94 Ah test driven – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: BMW i3 FULL REVIEW range Facelift 94 Ah test driven – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: BMW i3 FULL REVIEW range Facelift 94 Ah test driven – Autogefühl

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45 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: BMW i3 FULL REVIEW range Facelift 94 Ah test driven – Autogefühl”

  1. Very interesting aspect after driving several cars, to have this cleared: There are several Philosophies as for the recuperation and one-pedal-driving or not.
    VW e-Golf: Free Sailing possible (like in neutral gear), four different recuperation modes, recuperation possible via the brakes (until max. recuperation is achieved, then normal brakes apply)
    Kia Soul EV: D-Mode just slight recuperation, harder recuperation mode, recuperation possible via the brakes (until max. recuperation is achieved, then normal brakes apply)
    BMW i3 & Tesla (Model X / S): Always recuperation when leaving the throttle, different modes available, but braking system separately without any effect on recuperation!

  2. That was the best car review I’ve seen. The analysis was comprehensive and holistic. I’m a new i3 owner and agreed with everything you said. Well done! -Mike

  3. Great review! Didn't like these i3's at first, but now I'm starting to like them. The issue is the range though. They would say low range is fine for city driving, but then you are more likely to have to park on the street where you can't so easily do charging if you live in the city. If the range was more like 200-250 miles then it would be perfect for suburban owners who can charge while parked on their driveway, or in their garage, each night. Look forward to an i3 with a bigger battery! 

    Man, what's up with all the graffiti in Germany?! Looks terrible – last time I was there in 2008 it was so clean everywhere.

  4. We would anyways eat those cows, so why dont use their leather, I say this even though im not fan of leather seats
    edit: after watching a whole video i have to say your reviews are always one of the best out there

  5. Also die Entscheidung ist echt schwer. Überlege nun den i3 oder egolf für 2 Jahre zu leasen und dann den I.D. zu holen. Trotz M3 Reservierung. Fakt ist: Kein Verbrenner mehr. Wenn die heutigen eAutos wenigstens 350km könnten, wäre es einfacher

  6. I think it's a beautiful car, but it's German so it's bound to be beautiful. I'm already an EV driver and would consider getting a i3 as my next car. Love your excellent English and accent too.

  7. I'm all for electric power but sorry to say, the industrial designers at BMW has missed out on the visuals. This car is ugly bugly. Interior is hideous. Seems like electric cars are victims of the "lets try to create a totally different design aesthetic" syndrome.

  8. If it had about double the energy storage capacity it would be competitive. Otherwise, it's outdated and nobody should buy it at the current price. If the people at BMW had any common sense they'd hurry up and offer a 60 kWh version with double the horsepower and 150 kW CCS charging. Stop being underachievers with EVs, a Chinese company just showed you some class at the Ring just the other day.

  9. Question: Is an electric car with a range extender in fact a hybrid and not a true electric car? F.e. in countries where there's a difference in taxing hybrids vs electric cars?

    Interesting piece of trivia: Apparently for these I-cars, BMW uses cows that they keep in farms around the factory, from the point of sustainability. At least that's what the salesman told me when I went to the dealership for this car. I should've asked if they did this also for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X1/2/3/5, and all the Z-series as well, or that those series nullify the effect that's really just there for pr reasons… Pity that they didn't invest in fake leather or just cancelled it out. Although, maybe that would've made the car even more costly.

    Interesting that Thomas said that it's a good thing that there's no middle tunnel in front of the beverage holder, but what's the advantage there? I'd rather have it that they used it for f.e. storage space (ok, I guess you could put a bag or something there).

  10. this car looks terrible both from outside and inside 🙂 almost like they've had several designers working on it, each time firing one and hiring a new one… at the end the last one had to get all that "stuff" together

  11. Do you object to all leather or just the leather purchased by BMW for their cars? I'd be very surprised if BMW where buying from the sort of third world countries that pollute rivers and expose their workers to the chemicals used to tan leather. I think leather is a great material for car seats and more desirable unless your a Vegan.

  12. Great review as usual! love the quality of the interior… it looks better than in the standard models like 3 or x3… which I find quite cheap (for a premium brand) and 'plasticky'…
    BTW… 30:58… you sounded more like machine gun than the diesel engine… you… Germans… lol ;D

  13. It feels like BMW ruined a potentially perfect car by choosing some really bad solutions:
    1. The back doors ruin the car. They are uncomfortable for the back passengers. It's almost impossible to get out of the car in a supermarket parking lot.
    2. The pure EV versions have the same luggage compartment size as the range extender versions. There is a lot of wasted space under the boot floor, where the petrol engine used to be.
    3. The front luggage compartment could have been bigger and better built. They chose some cheap plastic bin which gives you a feeling of lack of quality.
    4. There are some places inside the car where wear appears faster then you would expect.

    For a car starting at a bit under 40.000 EUR, there are still a lot of things that need improvement.

  14. I have it (2017) and I love it! I hope that BMW continues to extend the range with future versions. Will never buy another ICE car again. I do have the REx but so far only used it just to see what it was like and the transition was seamless. I highly recommend this car.

  15. Hi! I really like your youtube channel and car tests – good job! I think that electric cars are the future of transport, and it doesn't matter if we like it or not (I like it!).

  16. Great review as always, many thanks. You asked for our comments!  Interesting that you say at 32:48, when driving, “you feel yourself younger again…”  A nice – but expensive car. I liked the interior.  Last year, we drove a battery-only 19-inch wheel version for a fortnight, and the ride was too firm for me, and especially at slow speeds around town, or on back roads.  I guess perhaps it may be the age-old compromise where go-kart handling and soft compliant suspensions do not mix very well, especially in a small car.

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