Indepth Car Review: Cadillac XT5 FULL REVIEW test driven SUV Platinum 2017 (SRX successor) – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Cadillac XT5 FULL REVIEW test driven SUV Platinum 2017 (SRX successor) – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Cadillac XT5 FULL REVIEW test driven SUV Platinum 2017 (SRX successor) – Autogefühl

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29 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Cadillac XT5 FULL REVIEW test driven SUV Platinum 2017 (SRX successor) – Autogefühl”

  1. Hey tall man! If you think you don’t fit in the back seat, you need to adjust the rear seats to move it backward or forward. Platinum trim has this option, which I have not seen in Mercedes. And the mug holder on the consul has a knob on it that you need to press it first and pull it back. If you don’t know how to operate, don’t give a stupid comment.

  2. Hold on buddy, I'll was given 25 dollars to drive cadillac suvs by a marking company at Las Vegas belt Mall. we choose the XT5 to drive. This is what I found out; there is to much road noise coming into the cabin; bass road noise need more sound proofing in the floorboard, doors and wheels wells.and the rear view mirror is very small, look like a toy, even my wife noticed the smallness of the rearview mirror. In a perfect world I would stretch this vehicle out 5 inches and open up the moon roof and throw in some dash camera front and rear with camera controls on the steering wheels to take pictures or start recording while driving. This vehicle should have it own dedicated chassis, not borrowing from other lower brands model's. I see GM does a lot of this mixing different brands and so on; like using chevrolet to make cadillac, Traverse chassis to sit the XT5 on. So now we got CHER-CAL. No thank you.

  3. My wife and I conducted our own market survey of both foreign and domestic Premium Crossovers SUV's. We concluded that the Cadillac XT5 Platinum was clearly for us. We bought the Cadillac XT5 Platinum and we're amazingly satisfied.

  4. Thanks for the review, also thanks for speaking English. I've got a 2018 XT5. I've seen dozens of reviews your as good any I've seen. Why does the European XT5 have the turn signal light, the American XT5 dosn't? Wish itdid.

  5. For more than 1.5 year is available on the Chinese market with 2 liter turbo and Cadillac wait to come in the end of career with facelifting to give Europe the 2 liter turbo in 2019. If they wanted more sales, they would have done much earlier not now at the end. And finally with wind noise if they want to catch German manufacturers even French, let someone say to them about double lay windscreen. Even Kia and Citroen has in their new cars. Also 22:50 need more Insulation from engine compartment to the cabin. Ι watch several tests and most has the same complaint with the wind and engine noise when you push it.

  6. Wait, in Germany you lose your drivers license for cutting across lanes at 20 km/h above speed limit ??

    Wish that we had that law in America, that way nutcases wouldn't be messing up my commute. A mustang nearly crashed into me today

  7. Why is it that everyone that do these videos point with there middle finger. U guys really like flipping people off that watch your videos huh. Who taught u that it's ok to point with your middle finger ?

  8. Hello, I live and work in Wiesbaden for the US forces. I'm interested in purchasing a 2017 Cadillac XT5 Luxury or Premium edition. Is there a dealership that I can go to here in Germany?

  9. Hallo, I like your reviews Thomas! About the car: I think it is looking good, with the right proportions at the exterior. The interior is really beautifull for my opinion, with clean design and luxurious feeling. I have set in this car and the ATS sedan, and i can say that at the ATS I was little disappointed in the interior from some buttons and the open/close selector of the air vents. This XT5
    however felt more high quality built with solid feeling and precise range of motion of the buttons.
    Can You please review the CTS premium and the new CT6? THANKS A LOT!!

  10. Thanks for your fair review of my car! It's fun to find a European review on this. Subscribed! I'm very happy with our XT5 in its function as our family everyday driving SUV. Our ATS is our fun-to-drive luxury sports sedan and we like that too.

  11. Oh Cadillac, you are such a stubborn brand. I'm not saying that adding diesels to your engine choices in Europe will make you successful, but not doing so will put you in the same path as Chevrolet in Europe.

  12. The 2017 Cadillac XT5 is a joy to drive. Two features I love is when the cruise is set the engine will shift down from 6 cyl to 4 cyl for better economy . Also the Platinum comes with the special rear view mirror that is a camera streaming a wider view … I currently own a 2015 SRX and will trade in the fall for a 2018 XT5 platinum .

  13. 1: it's amazing that the car is reving at almost 1200rpm when you are cruising on the autobahn!
    2: I hope the mad driver got what he deserved (in France he would also have lost his car)!

    Great one Thomas, as usual.

  14. Thanks for the great review. I drive an SRX. My lease will be over soon, and was wondering if it's worth an upgrade to XT5. I didn't hear you talking about the 14-speaker Bose sound system. Could you comment on how good/bad the sound system Is? is it comparable to Bang & Olufsen on the German rivals?

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