Indepth Car Review: Fiat 500 Mirror FULL REVIEW test drive – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Fiat 500 Mirror FULL REVIEW test drive – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Fiat 500 Mirror FULL REVIEW test drive – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the Fiat 500 in the Mirror trim. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience.

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38 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Fiat 500 Mirror FULL REVIEW test drive – Autogefühl”

  1. I am sorry, but either the car you were driving was broken or you don't know what you are talking about. Agricultural? compared to which car/brand? I have testet VW up, Toyota Aygo and Kia picanto, none of the come even close to the refinement of Fiat 500. VW up is by far the worst small car ever built, in first gear it's absolute cancer of a car. And the price of UP? above 15k!!

    I know how car reviews work, but at least be fair. Do you think that average consumer is put off by your negative review? Agricultural? sorry, but definitely you don't know what you are talking about. And the engine?

    Not the easiest car to get into? you pushed the seat to the most forward position and you are complaining about having difficulties getting into the car? I am 183cm and I get in the car without slightest problem. I am totally lost why you give this car so much incorrect nagging. Jesus christ, you don't have so much leg room with the seat in the most forward position with nobody at the back? Goodness me you are so impartial and honest!

    One question? have you ever driven a small car that has the brilliant engine of the 500? if yes, which brand?

  2. Small cars do not "nip in and out of traffic". They have to stay in line like other cars. They are not motorcycles so cannot filter. I wish reviewers would stop using this ridiculous term for a slightly smaller than usual car. Just try to "nip in and out of traffic" and see what the reaction is from other drivers. Just because a car is small that doesn't entitle it to barge ahead of queues. Now please STOP making this ridiculous claim. Thank you.

  3. Now on 3rd 500, our 2nd twin air dualogic, couldn't live with the basic engine, love the 500 as a town car, fortunately we have a 'limo' for long journeys. A 105 twin air with manual must be terrific and at a lower cost than an Abarth.

  4. I enjoyed the video. I must say, I think you are sitting too close to the steering wheel. Move the seat back some and you find more head room, leg room, the seat belt won't be hard to reach and over it will just be more pleasant getting in and out of.

  5. I'd like to add that as a Mercedes a class specialist I was reluctant to drive a Fiat 500 , but when I drove I was impressed.
    The 500c 85 BHP version I have is 92g/km co2 and it is zero road tax in the UK.
    I particularly like the sound of the engine because it goes well with the style. It is 2 cylinder btw.
    Also you need to be careful with door check straps as they tend to bounce back if you open the door quickly.

  6. Did they change the seats to be really REALLY tall? I'm about your height and I have like 4 inches between my head and the edge of the glass on the door??? 2009 model year?

  7. So good to have a linguistically fluent and competent review (not always a given on this channel!) Good, too, to have a good-natured , positive attitude to the car ,while fully aware of shortcomings. This I would value highly were I planning a purchase. So many motoring journalists just air their clichéd prejudices. So thank you, Brian. They should be giving you many more cars to review!

  8. Iam a Fiat technician in the UK, and iam 6" 5 inches tall and 500"s are plenty spacious enough, 500's are great little cars, good looking, fun to drive,have good warranties ( better than german cars) and are well specced, just avoid the diesel and ropy autobox's,

  9. Your colleague did a great job of filming. It appears that the model you were testing is indeed a TURBO model, hence the words Twin Air Turbo in the engine bay. Your Mirror model has the same style seats as my Fiat Sport model. We can raise and lower the entire seat from a jack lever on the LEFT (doorside) of the seat. If you slide the seat towards the rear, ingress egress is great. (sorry chunky-butt – maybe cut down on the Bacon Sarnies?) Here Stateside, it comes with a 1.4 liter I4 MultiAir 16-valve engine, 101hp, 98 ft lb. My vehicle came from the factory in Toluca, Mexico. We even have an electric version here in California. I understand that from this year, all US gasoline models will come equipped with Turbo engines. I did select the 6-speed automatic transmission made by AISIN, however, it is NOT very smooth shifting – my only complaint. The driver-side rear view mirror is split, with the outer 20% as wide-angle mirror, the look-rear blind spot sight lines are blocked by the roof B pillar. No injured bicyclists. ABSOLUTELY LOVE my CAR. Fun to Drive, easy easy for my elderly Mom to hop in and drive too. The Klaxon Horn sounds like a mosquito, but I have since changed that ! Plan to keep this car forever.

  10. It needs 7 airbags, as it's listed in the top ten worst cars for safety today. Three stars NCAP is awful. That engine will be sitting in your lap with any head on. Buy something with some proper crumple zones and not this 'design over occupant safety' tin can.

  11. What is an 'agricultural gear change'? I'm used to 18 speed semi-powershift, full powershift and power-splitting IVT transmissions but I doubt this Fiat has any of that. If it has, complete with auto-steer and semi-autonomous driving, 'agricultural' would indeed be a fair and current description.

  12. Innovate my ass. I have a 2013 Fiat 500 Turbo, and have been waiting for a real upgrade. This is now an 11 year old car, being a 2007 design that has gotten nothing but an extremely mild cosmetic makeover, and emphasis on the extreme. They could at least make the rear seats easily removable or that fold flat better without hitting the front seats, because the back are useless for anything but small children, and even then most car seats don't fit.

  13. Most probably I can not fit that car, but design is nice and interesting. Couple of days ago a Fiat 500 passed me on motorway, honestly I was surprised. Thanks Brian good job ★★★★★ see you next review….

  14. My girlfriend has one, Im 5 cm taller then Thomas, i cant use the rearview mirror nor the side mirrors without crunching into a Humpback From Notre Dame, The hard plastic next to the middle console kills my knee while driving, There is hardly enough space on the left to rest my left foot so Muscle cramp is not uncommon. Backseat is for no human above the age of 2. And the luggage space in the trunk is a joke in the normal version and even more absurd in the cabrio version. But hey Its no Fiat Punto, The worst car a money can buy.

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