Indepth Car Review: Jaguar F-PACE S V6 380 hp FULL REVIEW test driven 2017 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Jaguar F-PACE S V6 380 hp FULL REVIEW test driven 2017 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Jaguar F-PACE S V6 380 hp FULL REVIEW test driven 2017 – Autogefühl

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30 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Jaguar F-PACE S V6 380 hp FULL REVIEW test driven 2017 – Autogefühl”

  1. Hello, thank you for your extensive test, I had really enjoyed watching your through review. Had the 240 bhp diesel for a 1h test run. I have noticed that the gearbox and downshifting tends to get better in time – not sure if it adapts or maybe I got used to it. For the sound insulation I have noticed that the wheel noise gets a bit high at +150 kmph – at least it seems a bit high (maybe it were the 19" alloys / tires that I had on the car). I have a feeling that some of the interior elements will wear off very quickly (glossy plastics were already scratched all over, and the plastic – silver trim seems cheap.) But the ride itself – car would stick to the road, turning was pleasant even at quickly taken corners and I also enjoyed the way the car behaves when you want to take it to a quick stop – very little body displacement occurred in all cases. Still struggling if this is a proper choice considering I have to at times do 1000 km's at a time through German highways 🙂

  2. Very nice review Thomas as usual … just one recommendation , if you show the spontaneous fuel consumption at like 50, 80-90-100 for few seconds for the cars you review that would also be a great help with knowing the real life economy of the cars … danke schöne 🙂

  3. Hello Mr. Nice review as always (0=
    What do you recommend: F-Pace 300 hp diesel or F-Pace 380 hp with (Prins) Lpg.
    Diesel cars are getting highly taxed but they are very economic to drive.
    What is your take on this? I know that Lpg is very common in Germany.
    Please HELP!!!

  4. thank u for the review it s good i am in love with this car i am buying it it s just the car i wanna drive so confortable and advanced cars tech yeay for Jaguar F- pace S

  5. I think the center stack has too many buttons. The infotainment system is way too complicated. Looks like one would need to watch a demonstration video just to use the climate controls. Hopefully the people who buy it won't try to use many of the features while driving, it would be very distracting.

  6. I looked at this car… I just wasn't feeling it. Especially with the lack luster interior. It's not ugly… just was giving me more sport than premium luxury. The Macan won me over… but now the VELAR will be hear soon. I'm trying to hold out

  7. You should turn the speed selector to "S" instead of "D" to get shorter response time and higher revs in sports mode. This is why you didn't get the response you expected

  8. Nice in depth review! As an enthusiast, the F-Pace would be one of my top choices for an SUV. I test drove the 340 HP F-Pace and was impressed. Looks, feel, power and sounds the part. It ticks a lot of the boxes.

  9. The F-Pace tested in this video is the best variant in my opinion. It has the right tech features such as the pro touch screen and LED lighting with none of the unnecessary frills that hinder performance and usability (22 inch rims, sun roof). Although I would have it in Silver or white with the same wheels in black. Excellent review as usual, Thanks Thomas!

  10. I wish the Jaguar interior's didn't look so lacking. The XJ is pretty old but it has probably the best interior of all the models, (even though it is their top of the line vehicle) the other models could of done better.

  11. Hello Thomas, your reviews are excellent.

    Can I just point out you do not appear to have the gear selector in "Sport" mode hence it is not shifting as you expected.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Great Review. Interesting that "…Jaguar uses same system as BMW X-Drive." Much enjoy your camera views looking forward – at 29:43 the Outlander (is it!?) tries to overtake, and even went across solid whites – good stuff – excellent!  You're a busy man with all your videos, Thomas – but many thanks; keep up the good work.

  13. Point well made. Time to re-evaluate leather seats. Hard wearing ? possibly. Easy-wipe ? sure. Comfortable ? hardly the point….people have been ticking that box because non-leather smacks of penny-pinching, while 'luxury leather' is a demonstration of financial self-confidence. This has been status quo since the filofax years. Time for change. Best seats I ever had were fabric in a 1986 911 Carrera Sport. Could drive all day in perfect comfort.

  14. 4:58

    It's fine if you prefer fabrics and faux leathers.

    It's good if you express why you believe it's the better thing to do.

    But please don't tell me what to do and what to choose, ok?

  15. Hello Thomas, I love the new "ambient discovery test"! A suggestion: maybe you could also show the full dashboard by filming from the rear seat? It would be nice I think if you could extend this test to your future reviews. In any case, you are the best reviewer! Danke schon! — Eric

  16. If you want a name for a new part where you testing lights, I have two favorites:
    1) 3AL = Autogefühl all about lights
    2) Autogefühl Light Show
    I hope you and the other Autogefühl fans would like one of these.

  17. Hi Autogeful, I see you as the most comprehensive car reviewiers out there however could you please do an interior noise test using a Db meter for each new car please? I think an important area all review sites fall down on. I'm trying to find a quiet car on my small budget but i'm having to test them all myself. Thanks

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