Indepth Car Review: Mercedes-AMG E63S V8 612 hp FULL REVIEW test driven E-Class E63 AMG E-Klasse 2017/2018

Indepth Car Review: Mercedes-AMG E63S V8 612 hp FULL REVIEW test driven E-Class E63 AMG E-Klasse 2017/2018

Awesome Review: Mercedes-AMG E63S V8 612 hp FULL REVIEW test driven E-Class E63 AMG E-Klasse 2017/2018


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18 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Mercedes-AMG E63S V8 612 hp FULL REVIEW test driven E-Class E63 AMG E-Klasse 2017/2018”

  1. Today a very special one for you, guys. Enjoy the marvelous shots!

    Autogefühl trivia for today:

    – In the latter part, you hear an instructor talking on the radio. That is the voice of famous racing driver Bernd Schneider, record DTM champion
    – The Cavansite Blue car appears black here in that light but is a little more blue for the human eye =)
    – Yes, the Race Start mode now automatically starts when hammering the brakes and then pushing the throttle, check it out at the start of the Autobahn riding part, you dont have to hold the shifting pedals anymore in a strange way and then confirm it
    – But with the shifting pedals you can activate the so called drift mode now to put the car into rear-wheel-drive only mode, as drifting is not possible that well due to the AWD, even when in Racemode and ESP off.


  2. very good review! Although in my view the sport seats which are part of the Edition 1 are very comfortable in my view. I agree with you, the Standard seats are eventually better for very long trips, but they look too serious in my view. But that is a very personal thing, I see that you like more the traditional style things, elegance – thats good and fits to you 🙂 I like your reviews very much, but why dont you do them in German, I can hear that you are a German (I am Swiss).

  3. I just ordered a 2018 E43, actually arriving in June, I wanted a 550 , no longer available, just got rid of a 2014 CLS 550, which I loved, could've gotten a 18 CLS but body is changing for 19 and it's a 6 cylinder hybrid, not for me, AMG New body CLS is gonna be crazy money, I drove the E43 and fell in love, I watched this video cause I know the 63 is insane, overkill for me, I'm in New York no autobahn or racetrack around, just the Meadow brook parkway in traffic, not to mention the LIE , can't wait for it to come

  4. major complaint i see now for this car is ride comfort, now that BMW M5 has finally got out. but this review make it seems like the comfort is good but i see a lot of jumps in the front camera and broken highway floor and junctions propagating the impact to the steering wheel. i understand that is not S-class or even a E base class, it is more sporty, but comparisons to the new M5 makes it look like very stiff

  5. /////AMG: More and more head-to-head comparisons coming in seeing the E63 in front. Slightly quicker in a rolling start, considerably quicker from the line. Now M GmbH is in big trouble. The E63 is 1.5 years old, outperforms the M5, was readily available as soon as it was released while the M5 suffers from delivery delays, and the E63 is a much better daily car: more luxury, nicer interior, more technology, much better sound, and it beats the M5 by 1.5 years with the 4matic+ concept to be able to disconnect the 4WD into an RWD. M GmbH screwed up big time.

  6. Hello Thomas. Well what a beautiful Mercedes E63s and I think the best I have ever seen in Black. I’m with you with the more chrome the better on a black car. My AMG C43 is 4 matic and love the extra safety it offers. Definitely would not buy a Mercedes v8 with out 4 matic. I’m hoping the new C63 will have 4 matic when it comes out soon I hope. I should have taken your advise when I purchased my new C43 as it has the sport seats and very hard. So I bought a foam seat cover and fixed the problem immediately.
    Love your reviews and yes I’m a Mercedes guy.
    Thanks again Thomas.
    Gary – Australia

  7. i think this car is a real hybrid between luxury and sportscar, just take the soundproof windows+burmester sounds and the lightsystem and make the chiptunning..comfort mode with windows closed for driving your mother in the city, back on the road sports+ with windows open…dont know if any other car can give you this kind of feeling from both worlds..real nice car for every day and mode.
    good review by the way 🙂

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