Indepth Car Review: Mitsubishi Pajero Montero Edition 30 test drive review onroad offroad – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Mitsubishi Pajero Montero Edition 30 test drive review onroad offroad – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Mitsubishi Pajero Montero Edition 30 test drive review onroad offroad – Autogefühl

Pajero 3 door review:
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22 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Mitsubishi Pajero Montero Edition 30 test drive review onroad offroad – Autogefühl”

  1. I have 2011 model pearl white, me and my wife sharing it and I really find it comfortable long driving. I drove for 12 hours and its very comfortable. Now I am planning to buy 2018 model gray color this time so we have 2 Pajero for me and my wife. Also Mits Pajero price wise is the best deal you can get compare to other manufacturer. Value for money? Its the Pajero.

  2. Hi, and thank for your 3 videos about Pajero. Yesterday, June 9, 2018, I bought one of last but new Mitsubishi Pajero 3 doors Instyle. I live in the South of France. I Enjoy very much that model.Not so much car today, give the sensation of pleasure to drive.

  3. I loved that he said that the Pajero car gives you the felling "this is my car, my castle" because this is so true! The car really gives you the sensation that you, and your family and loved ones, will always get to your destination, whatever the conditions of the road. That's an important feeling in our often poorly kept roads of Brazil.
    I owned the smaller Pajero Pini for 8 years and moved to the "big fellow" Pajero Full and couldn't be happier with the acquisition !!!
    I'll probably keep it for 5 years or more, then I'll get a newer model of it. Please Mitsubishi do not stop making them!!!!

  4. Thinking about buying this vehicle so this was a great review, thanks autogefuhl. My only problem is that you are harping a disgust for animal leather. You do a great job, but please keep this kind of politics out. I get your disgust with the animal hide industry, and I kind of agree, but you just are 2 good at doing auto reviews to bring politics into it. I, like you hate the cruel life "animals 4 hide" live, but at least every bit of that animal has a real purpose. Keep up those long reviews please, You are the best at detailed car reviews. Like THE BEST! I just do not appreciate being lectured. My government gives me this in abundance. Especially here in the EU. (Norway is not even part of the EU). Anyway, Thomas. You are kind of the pinnacle of this new YOUTUBE TREND of giving BS reviews. You at least have integrity. A rare thing these days. Best wishes from Norway! PS! Too bad you do not run several websites, You do a terrific job!!! Please give my respects to all the people that make Autogeühl such a success. (I really tried hard to spell Autogefühl correctly in respect of your work). Remember I respect you, and your co-workers, great reviews and you are some of the absolute best for us that actually are thinking of buying the the products you review. And tough I agree with you a lot regarding animal hide, this is just too close to politics to be uncomfortable. However right you usually are. Please keep up the awesome work!!! I am my selves a person with MENSA acreidentals and a IQ above 135 but you have to be clearer with people who is less endowed. I guess you, Thomas, is in a range of 130-139, and still you are one of the best in the market. (remember English is my 5. language. After Nor, Swe, Dan, Isl,  Den, German and some Spanish(not fluent) I also can do PUNJABI and HINDI. My Mensa score is above 139 (kind of significantly. Like between 130 and 149 Never had a test below 140. But closer to 1xx. (difficult to get exact values above 130)  Eiter way I do not care. Just check my name with the ridiculous problems USA have had with rocket 511 I kinda is a RC however funny (???) and my accredentials? You wish!! It would be like telling Will Smith you can not shoot down these aliens because the government might get upset. Really funny but kinda true.  Enough said. But I still respect immensely the job you and your crew do. I am not THAT smart 😉 ( might be just THAT smart) just so you Stupid MF understand how smart the people who actually produce our transportation are. I often laugh when confronted with such morons ideas. Luckily you are legit. Not a sham like 95% of YT. Please keep up the amazing work you do every day, 365.

  5. A somewhat disappointing review considering that it came from Germany, the center of excellence for all things automotive.

    For instance how the pajero's diesel engine compares to German diesel engine in terms of acceleration, economy and NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). Sure the author having driven lots of German diesel automobiles can comment on that. Ditto for the transmission.

    Pajero uses monocoque construction and has been criticised for noiseness and vibration. Most German SUV have also transitioned to monocoque construction, which country has the better execution.

    The author has criticized the slow steering response, aren't the off road vehicles intentionally designed like, for better control during off road.
    sorry for this criticism but a German reviewer ought to do better than this

  6. MITSUBISHI KEEP THIS BOXY DESIGN !!! you'll see everyone running back to it. Just look at the pathfinder and the new 2017 landrover LR4 they've slaughtered its boxy design its killing me what they're doing to the 4x4s !!! The only thing id complain about is 3rd row seating space and the storing place of the seats and the way it comes out its very unusual. Id love it even more if you could make it a bit longer

  7. Great review, very fair. It is an old design, but that does not mean its a bad thing. Land Rover Defenders are old but still are very capable and popular.

  8. Thanks for the great review, This car is great all around Two problems though, the CEO has announced there will be no reproduction for 2017 until 2020/2021 and another issue is this car is gulping petrol like there is a leakage underneath the vehicle.

    I haven't bought the 2016 yet but I'm planning next month from now, your advice is critical, should I buy it or should I go for another vehicle.


  9. Hello, I am buying a new SUV here in Nepal, and I am confused in between Pajero and Pajero Sport. Both are equally nice, could you help with a comparison in basis of technology, features and other factors.

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