Indepth Car Review: Seat Ateca FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 TSI FWD Style 2017 Lava Blue – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Seat Ateca FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 TSI FWD Style 2017 Lava Blue – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Seat Ateca FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 TSI FWD Style 2017 Lava Blue – Autogefühl

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47 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Seat Ateca FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 TSI FWD Style 2017 Lava Blue – Autogefühl”

  1. Thoughtful and nicely detailed review of the 1.0 engine Seat Ateca. Great to see the entry level cars being reviewed rather than the superficial top spec efforts – as by definition most people are going to be vaguely disappointed by the real life range below that.

    I have test driven the 1.0 engine Seat Ateca as I too thought it may be underpowered. In fact it is fine, remarkably suitable and turbo punchy, especially for the money. Insurance savings, particularly for the younger driver are marked. So it is as accurately described in the video for the intelligent purchaser seeking an affordable well designed, but stylish, compact SUV. Great, quality, review Autogefuhl. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Hi, Thomas. Wenn man die Fahrprofilauswahl (Driving Mode) mit konfiguriert, ist dann auch immer der "Drehregler" (hinter dem Schaltknauf) mit dabei ??

    Beste Grüße

  3. Si. solo 1 litro. pero con 3 cilindros. o sea 333 cc por cilindro lo cual no esta nada mal y lo mas importante es que la potencia real en dyno anda en torno a 122Hp y el par motor real en 220nm. lo mismo que el mitico tdi 110HP de hace 18 años y con un motor 100kg mas ligero que esos viejos hierros diseñados en los 80.
    Muy burn carro, logico ordenado y sin estridencias.

  4. Thomas I love your reviews they are always very informative and in-depth. I wonder why at the end of your clip you don't give a grade for the cars you review, I know potential buyers value your opinion.  I for one always look up your reviews before purchasing a car.

  5. The engine is small, but in my opinion it has a better sound than all the boring 4 cylinder engines. As well, the weight is around 100 to 150 kg lower than the bigger engines. Unfortunately the 1.0 TSI is not available with DSG.
    However – with respect to the actual traffic situation all around – 115 PS are enough. Especially for Austria – on the highway, there is a speed limit of 130 cm/h.

  6. Another great review, thnx Thomas! I drove this with 1.4 petrol and 2.0 diesel and liked both. They did not have a 1.0 for test drive:) pls do Suzuki SX4 with 1.0 engine

  7. Excellent review, as usual…just one question: why all cars are parked over pedestrian sideways ? ( after you exit highway ). Weird.

  8. Amazing that a car that size can be powered by a one litre engine. Great review as ever, Thomas. I do like the styling of the Seat but would probably pay the extra for a VW.

  9. Another great review. I specially like the review of affordable and economic engines and midle trim levels that we all can afford. Keep it up. Honestly for some time I had lost interest in your reviews because they mostly featured very expensive and high cc cars. Have a excelent 2017

  10. Happy New Year Thomas and Team.  Thanks for the great detailed Review of the Ateca 1.0 TSI. (Agree that a Lane Assist system that moves the steering wheel is very off-putting – I switch it off!  A system that only sounds a calm gong or quiet bell would be better, but I would probably switch that off too!  I agree that Side Assist or a Blind Spot Warning system is quite a good idea if there is a nice big warning light in the door mirror that keeps you on your toes).  All the best for 2017.

  11. Hi Thomas, can you add my idea to your reviews please? It would be useful to all of us if you make child seat test by placing child seats on the back to check how many space is left and how many seats can you fit (2 or 3). I've got that idea as i own Volvo V40 and during festive season i went for a trip with my friends and their baby. They've got Britax seat which takes enormous amount of space, there was no space for for baby legs behind me, can't even imagine how it would be in smaller car.

    Kind regards and successful 2017


  12. Autogefühl we have it as 2nd family car besides our a4 in style plus Austria package including led lights and a lot more plus free 5 years warranty! and the car and engine is great 🙂

    and the prize was about 25.000,- (attention: more taxes in Austria!) which is absolutely OK and reasonable. Although we are mainly driving in the Tyrolean alps and no Autobahn the fuel consumption is about 7L which is OK too…

  13. It seems to go pretty well for 1.0L. I was impressed with 80-120 and the sound isnt half bad either. So many good value cars available. The budget segment has really improved a lot and the quality is looking to be pretty good as well!

  14. Thomas, I can not believe you haven't reviewed a car made by Dacia, yet! It's a well known European brand by now. Also, would be interested to hear more about the comfort of the car seats in your reviews. Happy New Year, Autogefühl team, our nr.1 resource for in depth car reviews, and our nr.1 community to discuss cars! :))

  15. If you don't drive so much the 1.0TSI is OK!
    But for a SUV in this segment I would rather go for the 2.0TDI.
    But iI think overall SEAT did a great job with the matching of the engine and the transmission

  16. Hey Thomas ! I think it is very little power and torque for the Ateca. I prefer the 1.4 T engine with 150 PS. When the vehicle has a maximum load of 5 passengers traveling that 3-cylinder engine has to suffocate, due to lack of thrust.

  17. So is the size difference kodiak -> tiguan -> ateca from biggest to smallest? Also the design is…. Interesting but boring at the same time.. A tiguan nearly made me sick when I saw it for the first time. Hideous.

  18. do you recommend Ateca 1.4 TSI OR waiting for new mazdaCX5 (which comes in March )? lets forget the price difference .
    – are SEAT engines Really reliable ? ; i heard some bad things about them .
    thank you in advance .

  19. 1.0 liter 3-cyl. turbo I believe is pushing the boundaries at that size and segment. Gains in terms of economy/durability and even value in the long day-to-day run would be hard to achieve. Performance will be an ongoing frustration as well ( what more with a full load and on hill climbs ). Front is only the interesting bit. Cabin is alright although it sort of reminds me of a certain Hyundai with the dashboard.
    Nice car/SUV just the same. Top honest review Thomas.

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