Indepth Car Review: Subaru Forester XT FULL REVIEW test driven Facelift 2017 new/neu – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Subaru Forester XT FULL REVIEW test driven Facelift 2017 new/neu – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Subaru Forester XT FULL REVIEW test driven Facelift 2017 new/neu – Autogefühl

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43 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Subaru Forester XT FULL REVIEW test driven Facelift 2017 new/neu – Autogefühl”

  1. The new 2019 Forester still look the same, but way more refined than the current version both inside and outside, a lot of more settle design elements are added to the 2019 model.

  2. I like the Forester. It's very no-nonsense design and good, solid, built to last. The design is never going to set the world on fire but it is all you will need. The boxer engine sounds great too! It is not trying hard to be something it isn't. Good, honest car. The only fly in the ointment​ is the horrible CVT gearbox!

  3. I own a 250hp Forester XT, 2.5l Turbo. Tell Subaru if they remove the Turbo Model, they will loose all of there Customers. All you need is too read the Comments. Customers will now only buy Second hand Cars with the Turbo. Just like ME…… Bad Subaru, very Bad…..

  4. You should really try the naturally aspirated version before recommending it over the turbo. In Europe that's a 2.0 150CV and 11.8s from 0 to 100. I test drove one and no matter how far you pushed the throttle the car would not accelerate until one week later. Sport mode would do nothing. From 0 to 40km/h it accelerates ok, from 40km/h to 100km/h it's an absolute no go.

  5. Nice review! We just bought the 2018 Outback model in the USA. We compared it with the Forester and found it slightly more comfortable and not as noisy on the highway. We also like the roomy cargo area, but the main feature for us, which is not always mentioned in reviews, is the amazing ground clearance you get with these vehicles. The 2018 has 8.7 inches of clearance, which we really need where we live. I really liked my previous vehicle, but because of our rough winter roads and dirt roads, this car with AWD and excellent ground clearance privides superior handling.

  6. This is the only Suv in Australia we can get in a manual the other is a RAV 4 diesel. Both Rav and Sub have 110 kw of power but the Forester has a better towing capacity at 1800 to Ravs 1100. Rav is more reliable. It's a tough decision.

  7. My Slammed 2004 300hp Forester XTurbo would eat that for Breakfast. It's become a JOKE really, because it Started off as a Station Wagon. I also have a 1998 Forester Station Wagon. It was Never an SUV. Something Strange Happened to it.

  8. Dear Thomas, thanks for this great review. And all you other reviews! Can you please compare the Jeep Cherokee with the Subaru Forrester? You where positive about both of them. As they sit in the same segment, I would love to hear your comparison judgement. I have them shortlisted both for my new car purchase! Cheers, Raymond (Amsterdam).

  9. Ich mag Deinen gemütlichen, freundlichen und auch leicht verspielten Stil sehr, nicht so ein schnelles Abwickeln.. ich fühle mich, als ob ich eine Tierdoku schauen würde. Sehr gut machst Du das, danke Dir!

  10. In addition to my comment below, I live in Alaska, and often for many months out of the year, can use the generous ground clearance of the Forester and its' great off-road handling, especially in snow.

  11. I test drove the 2018 Toyota Rav 4, Honda CRV and Subaru Forester. I chose Forester because I liked that it had few pretensions to "style". To me, anti-style is more stylish! Although the interior was not as nice as the CRV, I loved the visibility from within the Forester, it was more fun to drive, and taller in cargo area for my very tall dog.

  12. Hallo, ich kann mich all den positiven Test nur bedingt anschließen. Negativ kann ich bei meinem Forester Lineatronic 2.0 (2017) feststellen: Äußerst harte Federung, die jeden Schlag an den Rücken weitergibt; beim schnelleren Beschleunigen jault der Motor ziemlich laut auf; altmodische Handbremse stößt beim Fahren gegen Oberschenkel; Armaturenbrett und Lüftungsschlitze spiegeln sich immer in der Windschutzscheibe und in den Seitenspiegeln; Mittelarmlehne rastet vorne nur schwach ein; das schwarze Interieur ist absolut schmutz- und staubempfindlich; Gaspedal ist irgendwie komisch angeordnet.

  13. Test drove this SUV last weekend. The ride and handling felt like a truck, very crude on road. The interior was sub-par. Too many hard plastic parts/panels. Never understood the Subaru hype in the U.S. Their marketing dept deserves an Oscar.

    One upside: the engine has torque but it's offset by the jerky CVT transmission.

  14. I have the previous Diesel model and I can tell you this…
    It is NOT recommended as a family SUV. It is not built to be used but ABUSED- It only compares with Jeep, Land Rover, Land Cruiser and purpose built pickup trucks.
    For your child-skin-impeccable (tadellos) German roads there is no need to spend lots of money for road ability. A Tiguan is all you need to silently and magically glide Mum Dad and children to their playground destinations. Maybe you notice my admiration for VW, a raised Golf creates a bestseller. IN-FKG-GENIOUS
    I am a 54 yo single Greek who has used this car transversing Europe -easy Marocco – difficult – and tows my friends boats up to 6 meters braked.
    For us in the South of Europe, Subaru is a religious cult. But i will be honest. The Forester is ugly, the interior is all hard plastic………………..
    ———————————BUT I L-O-V-E IT………………………..
    ………………………….and nothing else matters

  15. I just bought a more basic, 2017 Subaru Forester with the cloth seats and the standard, normally aspirated engine. Even though I live at 6 thousand feet ( more than 1800 meters) the engine keeps up with traffic with the added bonus of better fuel economy and perhaps a little quieter ride. Compared with my old Prius the Forester is quiet like a luxury car and it has a much better view out. I like the lane-keeping and braking systems that warn and direct you if I get too careless.  To me the only needed feature that is missing is a full-blown hybrid system which to me is more useful than a turbo for better fuel economy and acceleration. Thanks for your great review as always and for the taste of Germany, where I was born 60 years ago.

  16. If you live in a city that doesn't get snow or ford's/floods etc then this may not be for you. However any off roading or slightly more extreme conditions, then this is a good option. While other vehicles will get stuck, this has a good chance.

  17. I'm quite impressed of your English speaking pretty fairly fluently you're going to make a great journalist however I have to agree with the low things you said about the car but the one thing I wish we had in the United States is the diesel version that's the sad part we do not have the diesel version it's not even an option I think the one thing that would help Subaru so much with the Forester in the Outback in the Crosstrek is no matter what type of will you have limited premium or touring editions it be nice if they gave you the option of manual or the automatic or the CVT giving you more diversity as far as the Transmissions go would help Subaru significantly I think one of the things that most people always seem to come back to Subarus for is very simply put that Subarus are very honest vehicle if you really think about it it's really true they are a very honest vehicle they don't try to be real fancy or that they're just to the point for me to function reliability dependable faithful not trying to be any more than it really needs to be in a sense really Subarus are busted more than a tool a tool in daily life I have a 2014 Subaru Forester Limited and I have no regrets love it very much only thing I don't like about it is the one thing everybody doesn't like about the CVT

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