Indepth Car Review: Suzuki Baleno FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 l Boosterjet 2017 new neu – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Suzuki Baleno FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 l Boosterjet 2017 new neu – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Suzuki Baleno FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 l Boosterjet 2017 new neu – Autogefühl

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33 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Suzuki Baleno FULL REVIEW test driven 1.0 l Boosterjet 2017 new neu – Autogefühl”

  1. My son recently purchased one of these as a family car & I questioned his decision , having two young children .
    Not being familiar with the Baleno ……I had a closer look & found it to be very impressive by comparison to my own late model 2ltr car .
    Also has more "bells & whistles "than mine …
    After watching this very well conducted review I'm already sold & looking to purchase the Baleno turbo …..many thanks for your interesting input .

  2. I own one for nearly 3 months. Drove it like 2200 miles already and can
    provide first-hand impressions 🙂 I have the 1.2 petrol, 90hp, manual
    gearbox. It's sold without the "mild hybrid" in my country, which I
    preferred. The positives: 1) The price of buying and using. Car is cheap
    to buy and by far the best equipped for the price in it's class. Here
    (Bulgaria) it comes with Nav system, rear-view cam, adaptive cruise
    control and auto A/C at 13 500 euro. Only Skoda Rapid hatch offered
    something close in equipment/price (it was still like 10-12% more
    expensive), all other brands wanted way more money for these gadgets 😉
    It's also cheap to run. The tax is small (guess it varies in other
    countries). Driving at 80-90 km/h on 2-lane roads gave me actual fuel
    consumption of 4,0l/100km, which I find very impressive. On the highway,
    driving 120-130km/h with A/C on full time, the consumption was
    5,1l/100km, still very good. In the city it burns 6,0l/100km, which i
    find reasonable. 2) Legroom. It has very good legroom for the back seat
    passengers. I'm nearly 6'2" (187 cm to be precise) and my brother, who
    is 6'0" can sit behind me without touching the back of driver's seat. I
    went in several showrooms and tested the space in other models in
    Segment B (the Supermini) like Skoda Fabia, Ford B-max, Hyundai i20
    Active and even Mazda CX-3. All had less legroom at the back. I find
    this very impressive and a strong selling point for the Baleno. (A note
    here – the headroom at the back is OK, but not as impressive). 3) The
    size. The car is very compact at a notch under 4m. I find this an
    advantage in the city, especially when parking. (But it really NEEDS
    it's rear-view camera, because the back-window is so high and so tight,
    one can see nothing through it.) 4) Ease of use. The controls are
    logical and simple enough, the touch-screen is not laggy (I have the
    7-inch one), the adjustments of driving position and things like
    brightness of the dash are more than adequate. I drove it at night
    numerous times and find the headlights to be good. In all – I had no
    trouble adapting from my previous car to the Baleno. The negatives so
    far: 1) Used materials. The plastic in the cabin is hard and scratchy. I
    already have some permanent scratches at the inside lower portion of
    the driver's door from my shoes. And the other material I do not like is
    the thin metal the whole exterior is made of. Alas – a weakness of most
    modern cars in my opinion 2) Noise in the cabin at high speeds. The
    Baleno is very light (about 950kg) and I believe some of the weight was
    saved on noise insulation. It is not unbearable, don't get me wrong. But
    I find 130-135 km/h to be the limit in terms of comfort, a subjective,
    individual assessment, of course. (A note here – a lot of the noise is
    made by the tires it comes with, a budget model by Bridgestone. So this
    part is "improvable" by the user). As a conclusion – sorry for the long
    post 🙂 I tried to be objective. So far I do not regret choosing the
    Baleno. Hope all this is helpful to anyone 🙂

  3. hi Tomas ,
    how are you ?
    so I myself Surya and I am from India. actually in India we most of us loves Suzuki. and that was a great review actually as you will do and I love to watch autogefuhl car reviews. and Thomas I had a question .
    my question was, did Suzuki Swift launch in Germany , if so when was the first review is coming and I am so eagerly waiting and looking forward for the review.
    thank you.

  4. I'm glad he took it on the Autobahn.. often times these small cars are great around town, but crap on the highway. This Baleno looks like it can hold its own on the highway, which is great here in Australia, where we have mostly single-lane roads and must overtake a truck quickly if we don't want to die. Although it looks like it rides pretty rough at 100kmh. Oh BTW, the Suzuki official figures for the turbo state 0-100 in 11 sec, but every review I've seen they get 0-100 under 10 sec, and that's even for the auto.

  5. Steering wheel jump back – is Suzuki tradition, my 2002 Swift without power steering have the same effect, after a wile this auto correction can be very good on open roads and in the city to, if you want to drive with more sport style.

  6. I want to buy a car which have good space and lots of features and it should look good both in exterior and interior and have a good handling too, can u please suggest which I should go for.
    Budget around 13000 to 14500 euro

  7. A good report, Autogefuehl! As a UK-based motoring journalist, who also created a video (the launch programme) for Suzuki, which you can find on You Tube, I became so enamoured by the car that I bought one! I can tolerate the plain appearance. I can live with the low-rent plastic trim (at least it wipes clean easily!). However, I love its 60mpg fuel economy and incredible speed potential…135mph (indicated) and 0-60mph in around 8.8 seconds….despite the very conservative claims by Suzuki. The engine is a gem and it works very well in the new S-Cross model too. In 1.4-litre form, in the Vitara S, it is more like a rally car for the road!

  8. Suzuki's 6 AT is 100% much better than VW, Audi 1.0 DSG or Ford 1.0 powershift series, at least you won't stuck on road and spend a lot of money and time to get repair. fuel efficiency and economical reliablity is everything.

  9. I unsubscribed from this channel almost a year ago, I just found carwow a lot better, shorter, witty, informative and not so Germany-biased. but having found out that Thomas is a vegan, I tried it and bacame a vegan too. and it's not easy, I'm dying for ice-cream or a piece of blackforest cake, lol. Thomas please start a channel for vegan people – problems, ideas etc. (as for cars, I decided last year to cycle and use public transport, so no interest in buying new cars anymore)

  10. Lol. Thanks for another nice review. I think this car is ment for asian market. That is because they are mostly short people there and not designed for EU where average size is much taller.

  11. Suzuki got it's butt kicked by Toyota, Honda and Mazda is North America. (so much so they closed shop and don't sell here anymore, unless you want 2 wheels.)

    A cold Thomas? Stop partying so much!! Get back to work!! Or should I say stop working so much, start partying?? 😉

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