Indepth Car Review: Volkswagen e-Golf FULL REVIEW VW eGolf range Facelift 2018/2017 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Volkswagen e-Golf FULL REVIEW VW eGolf range Facelift 2018/2017 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Volkswagen e-Golf FULL REVIEW VW eGolf range Facelift 2018/2017 – Autogefühl

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40 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Volkswagen e-Golf FULL REVIEW VW eGolf range Facelift 2018/2017 – Autogefühl”

  1. Very interesting aspect after driving several cars, to have this cleared: There are several Philosophies as for the recuperation and one-pedal-driving or not.
    VW e-Golf: Free Sailing possible (like in neutral gear), four different recuperation modes, recuperation possible via the brakes (until max. recuperation is achieved, then normal brakes apply)
    Kia Soul EV: D-Mode just slight recuperation, harder recuperation mode, recuperation possible via the brakes (until max. recuperation is achieved, then normal brakes apply)
    BMW i3 & Tesla (Model X / S): Always recuperation when leaving the throttle, different modes available, but braking system separately without any effect on recuperation!

  2. I found another review that was horrible about the actual range while cold condition, reviewer claims that the range will drastically drop to 90km! at around zero temperature. Also Eco plus doesn't support seat heater and some other functions. What is your comment? Thanks

  3. I own one and always drive it in B and use cruise control as often as possible. Then it's just a matter of modulating the right pedal, which is quite easy to do with a little habit 🙂

    The only situation where I use the brakes is when I need to come to a full stop. Also, I wish VW hadn't tuned regen down at lower speeds (Tesla, for instance, doesn't do that) since it intereferes with accelerator control. Too bad.

  4. Is VW continuing the mass production of the E Golf and GTE? Many websites report VW prefers the production of Hybrid cars instead of EV's and Plug in Hybrids

  5. Hello Thomas, thank you for the great review, as always.

    Do you know if VW might have FULLY electric Passat, or Jetta soon? Are they going to make an electric Golf Estate (or Variant, as you call it in German)? It would be great to have a larger car with a larger battery (and longer range) …

  6. It's lovely – however only I would change is put some 17" alloys on (as prefer 45 profile tyres) wondering how that would change things or if that would upset how the e-golf works.

  7. 200 kms is too little, I m waiting for "second gen" electrics, that will get at least 400kms on the real world or charge 200kms in under 20 minutes for long journeys

  8. The part about recuperation modes I watched like a thriller, so much I love such details from such tests, not only electrical cars related. And I also like your driving style, when waching I feel like I driving for myself, because they are very identical 🙂

  9. There is no physical key on the driver door. Also, no matter how nice it is, it is a very low production car. Parts will not be easy or cheap….

  10. That car engine noise is really only to satisfy wankers, like on BMW EV's. I found the sound of the gravel under the tires was more noticeable than the engine noise. I drive a Tesla and it doesn't have the engine noise but when I'm outside the car I can hear the battery heating/cooling system

  11. Great review! B mode is fantastic, so smooth, and almost like having auto braking — but it's not as efficient as coasting, as you pointed out. Around 32:00 when you are switching between D and B did you know you can toggle between these? It took me about nine months in my 2016 e-Golf before I discovered this. By "toggle", I mean you just pull back on the stick and release and it switches to B from D (or vice versa). This may sound trivial but it is actually quite different from having to move the stick back and forth: more convenient, intuitive, and precise. This car is well thought out in general and I can highly recommend it. It actually has more elbow room than i3 and far more trunk space. VW's EV future looks quite bright.

  12. Autogefühl – CONGRATULATIONS Thomas – I wish ALL reviews of cars was this pleasant and complete to watch. REALLY GOOD JOB !  I was lucky enough to try the recent E Golf here in Canada and I can agree with your findings 100%! It is a really fabulous car!
    I agree also that how one perceives the styling of a car is quite personal, but I find the BMW i3 a little too shall we say "avant grade" to be polite, for my taste. I DO like "different" but "different"  also has to be beautiful : ) ONE example of "beautiful" (IMHO) is the new I-Pace Concept all Electric Crossover from Jaguar – whose styling was guided by Ian Callum.  In terms of "range anxiety", depending on the FREQUENCY of LONG distance drives one does in a year, then if it is only two or three long distance trips, then one only need RENT an ICE car for those excursions – so no excuse to say "no" to electric! : )))  I look forward to seeing more of your tests – keep up the great work!
    P.S. A wee little bit more of YOU in the video would be nice and if at all possible in an ELECTRIC CAR, close ups of the regenerative modes on the display panels would be nice too!

  13. I hate the new display. I think the 8" was a perfect balance of touch and knobs. If they make it bigger I'm ok I'd like it to still retain the basic knobs.

  14. Great review Thomas, an interesting well priced car that will be very popular here in Milton Keynes UK – a leading City in terms of Electric/Hybrid vehicles. You have a massive Fan Base here in the UK – of which I am one – Thank You

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