Indepth Car Review: Volkswagen Polo GTI – FULL REVIEW 2018 VW Polo GTI Mk6 – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Volkswagen Polo GTI – FULL REVIEW 2018 VW Polo GTI Mk6 – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Volkswagen Polo GTI – FULL REVIEW 2018 VW Polo GTI Mk6 – Autogefühl

In today’s episode Thomas presents you the all-new generation of the Volkswagen Polo GTI. As always we cover the exterior, interior, talk about engines and for sure drive the car. How does it perform and how does it compete to other vehicles? These are further questions which will be answered on Autogefühl.

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48 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Volkswagen Polo GTI – FULL REVIEW 2018 VW Polo GTI Mk6 – Autogefühl”

  1. Yes watched all, and saw it seemed ok, but as a comparison with a 6 speed manual, you can only say from the drive. Would you buy DSG or manual if the choice is there in the future?

  2. Very informative and good review. Thank you. My only concern is the DSG box, is it suitable for enthusiastic driving? I am interested in buying, but should I wait for the manual gearbox?
    Thanks again.

  3. you somehow managed to set the camera to reduce flicker no other channel does that leave it to autogefuehle to find a solution no other channel would know where to begin to find great review guys

  4. Good review. I am waiting for the Hyundai i30N with DSG how is the Polo GTI compared the i30N? Should I consider the Polo?

  5. Thank you for the review Thomas, excellent. I am looking to downsize, due to retiring from work and thinking of selling my manual MK7 Golf GTi and this would be perfect car for me, I also need an auto as my wife, due to an accident can no longer operate a manual. She currently has a MK5 Polo highline and loves it. Best of both worlds with the new POLO GTI in my opinion.

  6. I am buying one of these shortly, and with the 2.0l engine and six speed wet DSG its tempting to tune it with say a 10% increase in HP and Torque. What variant of DSG is it, what is the torque limit? Some say 350NM, some suggest higher?

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for such an amazing review! I actually like the most watching a really good English fluent review from a German mind set. I was seeking such review and very glad that I found you!

    I'm quite new for new generation cars and seeing you reviewed quite a lot of cars with top quality comments. I'm still not sure but I will go for a Polo (especially after this review) but not sure I'm a GTI person. 🙂

    Anyway, Thanks a lot. I wish you keep continue doing amazing reviews(with your old style very crisp clean microphone :))
    I will be following your reviews just because I like to listen the way you see the cars 🙂

    Greetings from Munich!

  8. Thomas, great review!!

    Question: How many rpms is the engine running on 6th gear at 120 kph? Trying to judge how good of a quite cruiser the car is before I purchase.

    I am unable to find this information anywhere.

    Thank you,

  9. Good review Thomas. I was actually about to buy a Mazda CX-3 (highest trim, white interior, 2WD 120hp, manual gear), but then I came across this, with more space and a lot more power. What do you think when comparing the two? For looks the Mazda is definitely way better in my opinion, but this is a (real) GTI (with some comfort for long holiday drives too)
    And what about the sound when driving in Eco or Normal mode? Is it doable for long distances without too much irritation or whining from the kids in the back?

  10. Hey Thomas.
    I have a little question. Would you recommend to buy the sport suspension for the normal daily drive?
    Or the would you say the standart gti suspension is enough?

  11. Very good review. Two comments. 1. The lack of grab handles inside above the doors is a real pity, they could have left just one in the back behind the driver. I often use it to hang my coat, seriously. 2. Why no mention of brake performance on track? You did a few laps, was there any fade?

  12. Ordered one last week and quoted June delivery at earliest. None available to test drive so taken a bit of a chance. Gone with 18 inch wheels and limestone grey colour. Really looking forward to owning my first GTI.

  13. Autogefuhl, are you going to get hold of an i30n to test?

    Really interested in a comparison bearing in mind the budgets aren't hugely different when you top spec a polo GTI. And seeing as the Polo is now the biggest polo they've ever made.

    Thanks for the detailed videos guys.

  14. Just found you ! My first video of yours, VERY NICE, the BIGmike sounds great, you can tell. I wish they would bring the polo gti to the states. I'm ready to buy a mk 7.5 se or autobahn dsg in new green, or white silver metallic, , maybe even straight white if these new colors don't grow on me . Actually I would prefer silver reflex , NLA?? Depending on the deal. Wish I could wait for mk 8. Love your clarity and now I'll view your library. Thanks Smitty

  15. Obwohl ich jetzt schon die ersten Bilder des 2018er Fiesta ST gesehen habe, denke ich, dass ich mit dem GTI hier eine gute Wahl getroffen habe. Klar scheiunt mir schon zu sein, dass der Ford dem Polo hier gerade in Sachen Ausstattung Knoten in die Beine fahren wird. Bang und Oluffsen Hyperstereo mit 10 Lautsprechern und 675 Watt , Recaro Sitze aus Alcantara.. hier überwiegt halt VW – Nüchternheit. was nicht schlecht sein muss. Den Riesenunterschied sehe ich hier im 2 Liter Aggregat im Vergleich zu dem mächtig aufgeladenen 1,5 Liter Motor im ST. und das Design erinnert mich dort mehr an Dragonball Z als an ein Auto. Hot Hatch sind sie beide, aber die Zielgruppe ist wohl doch sehr sehr unterschiedlich.
    Den Seat Ibiza hat der VW Konzern ausreichend zusammengestrichen, so dass wenigstens der konzernintern nicht auch noch der cash cow Polo Konkurrenz macht. Schade eigentlich. Ich bekomme meinen im Mai und freu mich drauf.. Super alltagstauglich. Und wenn man das möchte, der Wolf im Schafpelz. Besser in meinen Augen als der zu 'freakige' ST.. ich muss damit von A nach B und brauche dabei Qualität, Komfort und eben auch Herzklopfen. Den ST sehe ich eher in Tuningwerkstätten und auf Rennstrecken. Im Alltag wäre mir das Design viel zu pseudomäßig. Man kann es kritiosieren, aber dieses Understatement von VW hier .. in punkto Designsprache… ich finde es gelungen.. Die Ausstattung jedoch wirkt schnell zusammengeschustert hier und da. Da sehe ich den Ford, was ich von ihm gesehen habe, deutlichst vorn. deutlichst.

  16. Great in-depth video, really tempted to get the polo GTI over the golf GTI. Does it make those rattling noises when upshifting like the golf GTI? Is it as loud as the golf? Wasn't really able to hear it out in the video.

  17. Thanks for the review Thomas. I have 2 questions:

    1. Does the GTI boot not have the false floor?
    2. How do we canvas VW to offer an alternative dash colour for the limestone grey? In the UK it only comes with the red dash – not my style at all!

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