Indepth Car Review: Volvo V40 Facelift with Thor’s hammer FULL REVIEW test driven neu new 2017

Indepth Car Review: Volvo V40 Facelift with Thor’s hammer FULL REVIEW test driven neu new 2017

Awesome Review: Volvo V40 Facelift with Thor’s hammer FULL REVIEW test driven neu new 2017

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44 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Volvo V40 Facelift with Thor’s hammer FULL REVIEW test driven neu new 2017”

  1. im sorry thomas, you are great but in this review you didnt try out the v40 D4 properly.. the D4 has crazy tourqe when driving, 190 hp and good acceralation. it feels insanly fast for being a volvo. even a xc70 / v70 feels fast with a D4. i think that motor must have more hp then 190…. it feels much ''nippier'' then bmw 520d etc.

  2. You're right about the Volvo seats. I'm a big bloke, but I also find them perfect. The shoulder width is better than in some marques and the upholstery firmness is just right. Not too hard, not too soft. You can complete a long journey and still arrive fresh. The heated seats are great, but memory option is expensive.

  3. A very comprehensive review. I am 6ft 5inches tall which gives me a little cause for concern when driving, however I will test drive one and hope for the best. Other than my size being a potential issue, for me this is the perfect blend of luxury, efficiency and value for money.

  4. Ordered a 2018 Business sport + Scandinavion + Luxury AUT earlier today….can't wait. With me in 2 weeks! This video is just made me smile for the past hour from ear to ear!

  5. I went for the cheaper Momentum because I would have money left for extras such as the Winter plus pack, Park Assist Pilot, Flappy paddles, Auto dimming rear view mirror etc, etc.

  6. I personally find the standard seats on the 2.4 Volvo V50 is uncomfortable. Which is weird, haven’t had that experience with any other model and we’ve had 240’s, 340’s, 850’s aswell as an Amazon and all have had it’s quirks as all Volvos do. But atleast they have been comfortable. This V50 though… I just can’t find a comfortable seating position in it

  7. This must be be the best and most comprehensive V40 review I've seen. Very handy as I'm thinking of getting a V40 R Design but may go for the Inscription now. Love that interior.

  8. I like how in-depth the review is. I bought a v40 (the older version, just before the facelift). I agree that the seats are super comfortable. I find the suspension quite firm however. Personally I like the slightly firmer suspensions and the driving characteristics that come with it (kind of feels like a Ford Focus in that regard). But it is not for everyone.

  9. You became such a good journalist,I started watching you when Citroen Cactus released.I like you're not bias for german cars.Keep up the good work.Your quite long reviews are so relevand and so rich in relevant info.Cheers!

  10. Nice video , l have v40 d2 from 2014 before l have volvo c30 and naw l look too buy xc40 , please test the xc40 your videos are best big gretings

  11. I have this car and a Mercedes C-class, the Volvo is much more comfortable and fun to drive. It's become my daily choice. Great seats and leg room, too (I am 6'2", 187cm and can stretch my legs fully while driving). The only con is lack of space in the boot, but okay for most grocery store runs.

  12. Front Grill is bogging ugly' like Hannibal Lecter's Face Mask, no changed inside from my 2014 R-Design Lux, I'd like too see how clean that cream leather seats after 3yrs Lol

  13. I drove this car (D2 R-design version) for 6 months and I started to get more and more dissatisfied with. The R-design seats started to cause back pain on longer rides, the ride felt too bumpy, and I felt a little claustrophobic in it. So I am really glad when I got rid of it. I love the way it looks and the building quality as well, but no….this car is not for me…

  14. Hallo, ich bins wieder mal. Du sagst , dass Platztechnisch für Großgewachsene etwas eng ist… wie ist denn in der vorederen Sitzreihe das Platzverhältnis zwischen Megane und dem hier? Ich bin grad schwer am hadern.. hab mich eig schon für einen Megane GT Line entschieden, aber mein Onkel hat gemeint, der Volvo wäre grösser und natürlch mehr Premium. Wie seht ihr das? Wäre für einige Tips sehr dankbar ..

    Alles Gute weiterhin! Und heizt schön weiter gegen die Lederindustrie – daumen hoch!

  15. The Volvo just stands out in design compared to other premium c class cars. Others still have some old design for example taillights and the rear body vs rear wheel ratio, elements from the early 2000. The V40 has a fluent line from front to rear, narrow side windows that ends sharp at the rear. The front window is low angle following the front hood and roof in a fluent line, giving a more sporty futuristic look .

  16. Thank you for the excellent review. A question to Thomas: you tested both Volvo V40 and Infiniti Q30: which one has better noise isolation, especially when cruising at high speeds?

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