Indepth Car Review: Volvo V60 FULL REVIEW all-new 2019 neu – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Volvo V60 FULL REVIEW all-new 2019 neu – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Volvo V60 FULL REVIEW all-new 2019 neu – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the Volvo V60 in the Momentum trim – the all-new generation. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience.

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35 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Volvo V60 FULL REVIEW all-new 2019 neu – Autogefühl”

  1. Volvo has definitely upped their game. These cars are amazing. On vacation to the USA i hired a Mercedes GLS but when we arrived there were none so we received a S90 long wheelbase with the option to change it out at a larger location. I was so impressed with the ride, comfortable, fuel economy and all that i didn’t swap it out. Now im actually considered purchasing one in the future but i wonder only about Volvos reliability.

  2. I just love this wagon! I really want to see one in person soon! I still have a preference for a good handling of a sporty sedan/wagon! Beats the hell out of any SUV to me! Make mine the Pine Gray with the brown interior and nice wood trim! I suppose I'm getting too old…

  3. I drive an old 1998 Volvo V70XC Cross Country and the Old Girl is getting ready for retirement. After seeing this video, I am just WOW!!!!! I am blown away by this V60, and it looks like a worthy successor to my aging Cross Country XC70. It's beautiful, it looks comfortable, it has a HUGE trunk that is perfect for my model trains when needing to load up for a train show, but what sold me is the BEAUTIFUL moon roof!!!! I thought the moon roof on my sister's VERY Old 1990 Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon was impressive, and the Moon Roof in my 1998 XC70 a step above making it more impressive, but this new panoramic moon roof blows me away.

    Nice job Volvo, you have a winner with this car. BEAUTIFUL machine, and very well engineered. 🙂

  4. Probably my next car in 6-7 years, when my current 2nd hand v70 will have reached 350k+ km's.
    They usually sell around 8000 euro's at that point, which is the ideal price/value point in my situation (w.r.t. the fact that I drive 30k+ km's per year).

    What do you guys think?

    Not necessarily a volvo fanboy, but I do prefer them over audi/bmw/mercedes due to a lower "boasting" attitude. Although that might be changing since more and more posers are buying Volvo's nowadays.

    Really like that the old V70 lives on in the new V60. Didn't understand why they deleted the V70 originally, when the V90 was much mpre expensive and the previous V60 was much much smaller.

  5. I don’t know what you think guys, but I believe Volvo is spot on with the exterior design, but on the inside I feel good quality and nice design, apart of the dashboard which is really ugly. Trying to remain objective, still think that Audi is 5 years ahead, a lot more refined, and better quality/design. Great review Autogefuhl, thanks

  6. Great looking car, love the interior, my choice would be a CC version, that will be awesome !!! Hope you take one for a full test Thomas 🙂 also Thomas, the R-Desgn would handle that much better because of the sports suspension !!

  7. I drive a V90, let it be D3 automatic, and am extremely satisfied with fuel consumtion. On main roads between country/town it consumes 5-5,5 litres and in fact never more. But i've given her the name Hyacinth Bucket since she has the audacity to indicate that my driver capacity is below normal!

  8. I would love if you could review the new V60 in R-Design and with the T6 AWD system. I am intressted in buying that and maybe it will feel a bit more sporty than the D4 FWD.

  9. Very stylish wagon!……with REAL exhausts too! Well done Volvo for making a very classy and clean design that is a genuine alternative to the German Wagons. I'm eager to see a review of the 390bhp hybrid model! That sounds like fun! 😀

  10. Volvo has been just killing it with their designs lately. This is so nice. Wish the back of the front seats was black. Children's feet will destroy that light color. Shame about the steering. I wonder if the R-design trim would have a better steering feel?

  11. I'm actually considering this over the XC60. SUVs are now becoming a bit passé! I know the V60 has a bigger cargo load and will be more economical on fuel. But what about interior space?

  12. That floppy rear boot cover without the rails on either side really pays of when You have a higher object in the trunk, but You still want to cover it. The missing of the rails allows to cover the objects in the trunk.

  13. The “panic handle” as you call it is the “Oh Shit” handle here in the States…aptly called when the driver has generally overdriven their and/or the car’s capabilities.

    Great review as usual, Thomas

  14. Perfect! I have a 98 v70 GLT that still runs like new- 227k original engine and trani. This is the first wagon since the 98 (and older) that is once again a perfect Volvo wagon. My fear is if Ford still owns them. Once Ford purchased Volvo they became garbage with electrical issues, bad transmissions, and so on…. I may have to do some research because this is the only new car I would even consider going into debt for.

  15. Catch up time with Autogefühl. Best car reviews "for sure" (love it when German speakers say for sure!). I would describe the interior as 'optimistic' but would prefer the exterior colour to be a more sobre colour. Danke Autogeühl!

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