Indepth Car Review: Volvo XC60 FULL REVIEW all-new neu SUV 2018 Inscription + R-Design – Autogefühl

Indepth Car Review: Volvo XC60 FULL REVIEW all-new neu SUV 2018 Inscription + R-Design – Autogefühl

Awesome Review: Volvo XC60 FULL REVIEW all-new neu SUV 2018 Inscription + R-Design – Autogefühl

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20 Replies to “Indepth Car Review: Volvo XC60 FULL REVIEW all-new neu SUV 2018 Inscription + R-Design – Autogefühl”

  1. I like the exterior design except I would make the vertical part of the tail lights black. The seats look gorgeous but other than that I 'm not so keen of that design, the vertical vents, the center console the steering wheel look uninspiring, the sport steering wheel is a bit better, it's a bit disappointing. Anyway it has many useful features available and it makes for practical good suv.

  2. It is a beautiful car. Mine in in the deep red. But i think this is the sharpest color. .. I wish Volvo would bring back the British Racing green. I also prefer the interior styling of the previous years with the floating console and the non-touchscreen. I like buttons and knobs.

  3. Do Europeans have less stuff? I find that these, for their size, lack suitable storage bins for wallets, phones, change, access cards, garage remotes, sunglasses, etc. I suppose it is adequate, but just so, with two people on board.

  4. Alright Autogefühl, there is a lot of very constructive criticism in the video, and I really appreciate that, but the one with the sensors preventing people to get hit by the electrically operated rear seats is just over the top. Hopefully you know that volvo makes its systems choice with a safety first attitude nearly all the time, right behind this is the driver first attitude. So I say its their good right to assume a person able to drive the car at around 120 km/h in close proximity to other traffic in rather complex situations, would on the other hand make sure no one is sitting in the rear seats while he or she pushes that button. In return you talked about the bonnet design, but lost no word about its active feature, involving sensors, popping the bonnet up to prevent hard impact of pedestrians or animals onto the motor block. In conclusion; Volvo really knows its craft when it comes to improving safety for occupants and their surroundings at the right places.

    It is very easy to just stand there and talk about adding sensors here and there and how everything is unsafe or even dangerous, but please try to convince a Volvo Electrical Systems Engineer or Safety Engineer of your idea, and it would probably be very interesting to hear their decision making process while designing the car.

    Kind Regards

  5. I can’t believe this car is so expensive and the computer system is so slow. Every reviewer I watched has commented on this huge problem, especially when climate control interface is linked to it. I will not be spending my hard-earned money with a messed up tech system.

  6. It makes me smile when a car of this size is described as a "compact SUV"!! I compared one of these to a VW Passat Estate but on a top spec version XC60 the price became way too much but I did like the quirkiness of the central console, and when my old boss told me what he paid for a set of tires, that was me out.

  7. Very nice car and very nice review as usual, Thomas. Not sure about Swedish flags on the seats though, what's the point of those being there ? 🙂 Everyone knows Volvo is Swedish, but it's a bit like "in your face" type of approach here by Volvo. If I buy that car one day, first I'd do, with due respect, is accurately detach those flags ))

  8. Hi Thomas , nice review as always , very mature now this XC60 , I prefer the classic design iso the R one , having a V70 Bifuel 2005 and still enjoying this car I will purchase soon a second hand XC70 2WD wich by the way I think you never made a test drive – maybe later …….. have a nice w-e

  9. Volvo was competent to pack all of the hight tech in the very minimalistic style. Kudos for them! BMW and the others are so distracting with over complex interior design and control features, tons of buttons, so many lights . Yes, it looks so technical but actually is so confusing and not a modern approach to deliver smooth and reliable car control !
    German are about pseudo luxury.
    Volvo is clear winner in this category.

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